Monday, February 21, 2011

What A Wonderful World

Friday was such a beautiful day!

Apparently all across the colder parts of the country, we had a small heat wave, it was 65 degrees, and it is February! I actually took of my tights later in the day, I wanted to savor the feeling. It wil be quite a while before that happens again. We are currently in the midst, of a rather large snowstorm! We probably got about 5 inches!

It's not that odd that we have a snowstorm in February, but it is kind of odd because, exactly one year ago today we had a huge blizzard. There are some pictures from it here. Do you want to know how i remember this? Well, yesterday was my one year blog-o-versery! I have much more to say about the topic, but that will be saved for a seperate post.

Still, thank you all so much for following, and commenting. I appreciate your support, and it just makes blogging even better! Thanks again, I'll see ya later!
Tights-Lord& Taylor
Skirt and Top- Forever 21
Cardigan- Old Navy
Hairclip- H&M


K_E_O_S_H_A/Amro said...

Wow =D those tights shapes you so well girl!
I love today's outfit , and i really like your blog , i guess it's the only girl blog im following =D it's awesome keep rocking with it.

TC said...

I love that skirt! Thanks for the comment!And the skirt is a maxi-skirt.

Anna said...

Thank you so much for the comments!