Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One Year Ago Today

Last year, I told myself "Once you've had this blog for a yar, you have to refer to what you were doing a year ago today"! I've always thought it would be interesting to see what the me from a year ago today was doing. I apparently was "Playing Catch-Up". And segment that I used to do quite frequently on my little corner of the blog-o-shpere. I f you would like to take a look, Here is the link!

For pretty much most of the time I've had this blog, I've been doing mostly outfit posts (With the occasional spurt of something else), so for a change of pace I figured I'd post some photos I've taken over the course of these past few weeks, enjoy!

Monday, April 25, 2011

No Flash Photography

Shoes-Minnetonka//Leggings & Headband-Forever21//Tank-Target//Cardigan-Old Navy

I think I've only taken two outfit shoots this week, pure laziness. I'll go back to the greind tomorrow, and be behind on all of my posts again. Hopefully it won't be too cloudy this week. It's really cloudy today, it was for some of yesterday (it rained too, but I didn't take pictures!). Maybe since I'm almost all caught up, I'll just post some photography, opposed to just outfits. I would do this more often, but sometimes that's just all I have time to do, outfit photos, and nothing else. Believe it or not, a lot of the time, the majority of my pictures are not outfits. At the moment I'm investing my time rather heavily in flowers. They're finally blooming! I've always loved seeing the cherry blossom trees. It seems that I'm the only house on my street without one. There are a few up the street though, maybe I'll head up next weekend to take some pictures of them before they're gone!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Really overexposed photos today, the colors are really off. During the winter when I took pictures at this time, the lighting was just right, but now I guess not. This was the only place in my backyard where there was no shadow. And alas, no time to retake photos that day. Oh well.

Shoes-Minnetonka//Jeans-Delias//Top-Hand Me Down//Cardigan-Forever21//Sunglasses-Claires

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Hello There! Happy Earth Day Everybody! In kindness to mother Earth, I shall be doing no more posting today! Have a lovely Earth Day!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Drizzly Morning

Yesterday I saw that movie Arthur with Russel Brand in it. I went into it with low expectations, and came out of it knowing I was right to do so. I mean, it was kind of funny (Russel Brand is hilarious!) but, it just kind of annoyed me that it was so predictable. Within the first five minutes of the movie, you could already guess a general ending, so there was no element of surprise. Also within each scene, each event that was meant to happen next, you could also guess that! All RomCom's (or Romantic Comedy's if you will) just seem to be the same these days. I feel as if its been ages since a really funny one has come out. They all seem to be along the lines of them loving someone else, but something else happens so they can't be together, and then despite it all, they end up getting back together again. Well, it's pretty much that with slight variations on the plot! Hollywood, step it up with the comedy a little bit! I mean really, there are hilarious RomComs out there, I guess they're extinct, if you will? I'm not really sure.

During this movie one of the previews was for this movie (I can' remember the title) but someone said "O! I really want to see this!" (I guess they saw the preview already), so I started watching more intently. I discovered that it was about these two best friends. One of them in law school and she met this guy who she really liked. It was just a crush though, then he met her best friend. Then they were together 6 years later and getting married. And then, between the fiance and the other friend, there starts to be a "spark", and the fiance starts feeling doubtful. Can you guess how the story ends?

Skirt-Handmade//Top-?//Jacket-Forever21//Tights & Boots-Marshall's
Maybe I am no movie connoisseur, but I have seen a lot of good movies, Forrest Gump, Gone With The Wind, The Rainman. So I'm not just talking from some stand point of only have watched recent or new movies.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Curly Girl

Recently, I realized I read quite a few blogs of girls that dye their hair. I personally love how eas it is now to express yourself in all these different ways, and fun colors! I follow a blog where a girl dyes her hair bright turquioses, fushia's and other vibrant colors! So fun, right? I also follow a few blogs of people that have died their hair blond, red, black, auburn... a whole myriad of things! I love how much variety their is with everything on the blog-o-shpere. Everyone is so unique here, which is a characteristic that I feel as if we are greatly lacking in society. I think it's so great that hair is just another way to express yourself! Through cut, and color! I've never really done anything to change the color of my hair before. Someday I will though! I'd want to try a bunch of colors, maybe a blue streak or maybe I'll go red someday! Who knows? I'm not really at the point in my life when I'm dying my hair yet, I mean some girls (and guys) my age do, but I personally haven't yet. I still have plenty of time to mix it up! For now I'll just stick with changing the cut though:)

Now that I think about it, I haven't really changed my haircut (other then the bangs) in ages! I mean, I adore my curly hair, but cutting it short and cutting in bangs is all you can really do with the cut. With straight hair you can get choppy layers and it will make you hair look textured, but with curly hair if you cut layers too choppy, you'd just get a frizzy mish-mosh of hair!
Shoes-Minnetonka//Skirt-Forever 21//Cardigan-Macy's//Top-Mom's//Tights-Target

I found this lovely photo on Tumblr. I hope you enjoy! I know I sure do!

I must add though, I don't know if I would ever keep the walls in my home white volentarily. If I had to, I'm sure I'd work with it, but I'd rather a fun color like green, blue, or yellow even! Who knows!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rolling In The Deep

Finally! We can see the sky! These photos truth be told, are from last Monday, which was one of the few days last week that it didn't rain. I think it rained pretty much 5 out of 7 days last week, and it absolutely poured yesterday. A ridiculous amount of rain came down from the sky, to the point when even if you had an umbrella, you still got absolutely soaked. I mean I know it is April, but this has been a lot of rain, even for this time of year.

I must add, have you heard Adeles new album 21 yet? I must highly recommend it, not only does she just have a fantastic voice, I love how her album just has a lot of passion to it. You can hear the geniune feeling in her voice, which I feel is something that is a rarity now a days. With autotune and such, you just block out the beautiful natural qualities in people's voice's. And I must ask, why would you want to take a lovely and creative sound out from music? Music is meant to be expressive, and I guess there are just certian ways of expression that I don't quite get.

Shoes-Minnetonka//Shorts, Belt, & Tank Top-Target//Sunglasses-Panama Jack

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I've really been working on cleaning and organizing my different corners of the internet lately, my Tumblr has gotten a new layout (though I may change it again, this blog as you may have noticed has gotten a new background, my Flickr has been properly organized! Monumental I know, but if I can't share these little things here, where do I share them? I think a few more changes will be coming to this blog soon, mostly smaller things, but they'll still be different, so I'll keep you all posted!
I guess spring really does make you want to clean and refresh everything! It has kind of hit me full force this year! I've been trying to clean out my closet over the past few weeks of things I don't wear, cleaning my room in general really, do some more sewing, and maybe even move around some furnature! Who knows! I guess we'll see!
Shoes-Minnetonka//Dress-Hand Me Down//Cardigan-Macys//Sunglasses-Panama Jack

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Put Some Spring In My Step

It's finally Spring! I had bare legs twice this week! Though I probably won't be posting these photos for a few more days, I definately thought it was news worth sharing. Not too much time to post tonight, I just figured I would squeeze one in, so good night everyone!
Dress-From A Friend//Tights-Target//Cardigan-Old Navy//Scarf-Gift//Shoes-Payless

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Perfect Pairing

Do you know, when you have two things and they just go together so perfectly, that you just can't resist wearing them together just about everytime you wear that one thing? As you may habe guessed, I feel that with this skirt, and this cardigan. They just look so good together! Does anyone else feel that way? I wonder sometimes if it's just me thinking this, or if it's eveyone.
Tights, Jacket, Shoes & Top-Target//Skirt & Cardigan-Forever21//Hairclip-Walgreens

**Haha, I never realized how many things I have from Target!

Into the Unknown

I've really been craving some new music lately. Evey now and then I'll just really want to find something really good, right now is one of those thens'. I guess it's time to "Venture into the unknown" if you will.

Shoes-Rocketdog//Jeans-Delias//Top-Kohls//Scarf-Vintage//Cardigan-Old Navy

I F-edore You

Shoes, Hat & Top-Target//Tights-Lord&Taylor//Skirt-Forever21//Cardigan-Borrowed from Mom
A few days ago, I discovered that there was something wrong with my computer. There was some type of function on the computer where it can fix itself, if the problem is not that bad. Somewhere in the midst of this, all of the photos on my computer got deleted. 7889 photos. I was freaking out all day. But my Dad managed to find all of my pictures, and re-save them onto my computer. I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blog, but still he deserves this honorable mention for being the computer whiz and great guy that he is. Thanks Dad!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Darling Ideas

Hello There.
Shoes-Minnetonkas/Skirt-Forever21/Tights-Lord & Taylor/Tank top-Target/Cardigan-Old Navy

I was just about to say "I'm sorry for the lack of talking this morning", but then it hit me, why do I have to apologize? I mean, I love all of my followers, but why do I have to apologize for something that I'm doing with no obligations. This is supposed to be completely voluntary, something I'm doing just for fun. I never want to force myself to write things on this blog, which I feel that I tend to do sometimes, and I didn't want to force myself to ramble on about some random topic this morning. It may be a little hypocritical after stating about how I shouldn't have to apologize, then I just go on explaining. But I don't know, maybe that's just me over-analyzing it.

I made quite a few changes here around my corner of the blog-o-shpere. Hope you like them!

Feel The Sun Through The Clouds

Shoes-Minnetonka/Sunglasses-Claires/Dress-American Apparel/Cardigan-Old Navy/Scarf-Gift
Not too much to say right now, maybe later.