Sunday, February 6, 2011

Knock On Wood

Changed the background on the blog again. Still debating on a new header. Definately doing a new one, just not sure what to do yet. Changed the font also. It almost looks hand-written, which I love! It gives the blog a bit more character! Maybe thats what I'm aiming to do with all this change? I really just want to get it right though. Just that perfect balance between rustic, slightly cutesy and quirky. With the right mix of polka-dots and native american things. I hope I find the perect balance sometime soon!
I think I'm going to stop Theme of the Week. At first I chose it opposed to something like "Favorite Things Friday" because I just wanted to add some distinction to my blog. But I really just don't see myself going places with it. I also would like to include some more about my life, not just outfits. I mean my life can't be that thrilling. I'm still what a lot of you would call a kid. But I mean things like DIY, some artisits, photograhpy, maybe even some movies! But I guess we'll see.
I feel as if I keep on speaking about the same things in every post. It's either weather, expression, or change. I want to be blogging about different things, but it's just what's on my mind lately, and if I can't share it here, where will I share it?

Plaid Shirt-Marshall's
Tee Shirt-Delia's

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