Saturday, February 19, 2011

Right Mount' of Leather

I recently acquired this rather lovely pleather jacket. And I realized, I'm not a big jacket girl. I mean, I have a winter coat (I'm not even sure if I've ever even featured it here) but as it gets warmer I leave off the coat and just leave the house in cardigans, and sweaters. This blue pleather jacket seemed to fit perfectly in my closet, actual I had quite a bit of trouble styling it, but I mean in the sense of going well in my closet. It seemed to have just the perfect amount of quirk. I think it's quite lovely. I'm sure you'll see it quite a bit more as spring approaches.
I'm so ready for spring, I think everyone across the blog-o-sphere is (that is if you live in a cold area) . I'm looking forward to leaving my tights at home and just have bare legs, and I want to bike ride, sit outside and read, not have my hair freeze when it's wet (it's happened), and I'm excited for it to be light out when I get home. Trust me, I love winter. But it's been a frigid winter, with atleast 7 snowstorms!

Tights- Mandee's
Skirt and Jacket- Forever21
Hairclip- Walgreens

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