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Hello I'm Anna, and I'm not sure if I should mention my age on this blog. I will tell you that I am a teenager though, for quite a few more years. Maybe on this blog someday, I won't be a teenager, maybe I'll tell you my age when that day comes ;). I'm a Pisces, but I'm born in February, not March like most Pisces are. I think that Pisces are supposed to be very imaginative, accepting, and indecisive, sounds quite a bit like me. It also said I'm shy, which if you met me in real life, I doubt that would be your first word to come to mind. I love anything kind of funny and quirky. I love little whimsical things that just make me laugh out loud. This includes my wardrobe, I try not to have one boring day! I love little ironic and funny pieces, such as a lovely cupcake hat (wink wink). Sometimes though, I find myself veering away from the humorous aspect of my style and become a bit more rustic, with a bit of Native American Influence.

I go through frequent mini-obsessions with things that I always like, but in random spurts I love. There are certain things I wish i could do such as write music, really, just create things from scratch. I always feel that you need something to start from. Maybe that's one of the reasons I love clothes and style. They are something that already has a basis, but you can build off of it, and make it creative, and fun, and quirky! I love wearing a bunch of patterns at once to make an outfit more spontaneous. I love wearing mis-matched socks. I love interior decor, and little funny accents to a house. I love seeing some type of evolution in a person. Whenever I start to really get into a blog, I always look through their archives to try and get a better feel for them. I love buttons, they're like little treasures! I think that collections are adorable, even though I don't necessarily collect anything. I guess you could say that I actually collect buttons. I've acquired my grandma's button collection with has 100's of buttons. Though, I think that an even better collection would be of interesting mugs! I adore funny names, it can be a first name or a last name, or even a blog name! With blog names, if you have a great name, I will pretty much follow you on the spot :). I'm very opinionated though my opinions can be swayed with a good argument. I love movies, just no horror movies. I'm not really fully and totally obsessed with one thing like some people are, the closest thing I have to that is my Minnetonka's.

I adore upstate New York. A few years ago I discovered that my family has a lovely little cabin up there, and I've been wanted to sleepover ever since! I love the easieness of the place. I'm always very... well, not relaxed and I always feel so mellow up there. I love Sweet Sues the pancake place a few minutes away, I love how the town is only 2 blocks long, then it's just woods and a few houses. I love how whenever you drive there, the GPS has the road your driving on then miles of green on either side. Then about 15 minutes away is a lovely little town called Woodstock. It's not the concert, but it is like being transported back to the 60's, so magical! You just walk around there for about an hour and half, then you go back to the cabin. it's very aimless in a way, you have an idea of where your going, but no definate plan.

It's been over a year since I've started this blog now, and I love it. It was such a great decision to do this. It's like having one big collage of thoughts, ideas, outfits, and other pretty things, and followers just add to the fun! Thank you all so much for commenting and following, I appreciate every last one of you, and our support!

My Favorite Things Include- Minnetonka's; morning's; good music; blogging; photos; my camera; curly hair; patterns; tea; sketching; avocados; cowboy boots; Barnes & Noble; the 60's and 70's; hats; interior decor; comically big and/or humorous words; Project Runway;sewing and such; glasses; Harry Potter; Re-reading; Individuals; upstate New York (Phonecia, to be exact.); Stylish People; blogs/blogging

Camera: Nikon D3100

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