Friday, February 18, 2011

Piled Up

For those of you who live in colder climates you may know what I mean by this. Do you know how near main roads, parking lots and things like such you see those HUGE snow piles? (For those of you who have never seen them they're probably about 20ft tall) Well, anyway, I've always wondered what would happen if you stood on top of one, an ice-y one, or a soft one. Would you sink into the softer one? Would you just slip and or slide off the ice-y one? They've always kind of fascinated me. For some obscure and irrelevant reason, standing on one is something I've always wanted to do. Maybe some day I'll try with some of the larger ones, I've been on a few minor ones already though. Actually, I have seen a kid sitting on top of a pile one time, but really it seems to me like it would be something I'd need to try for myself.

Now, I have a rather funny story to share that happened while wearing this outfit. Originally, I hadn't intended to share it, but I guess I'm throwing caution to the wind!

Last Friday after school, I went to my friends house to hang out there for a little while. I'm there a lot of the time on Fridays, and as we always do, we went to get the mail. At this point the snow was still in it's stage where you couldn't even sink into it, opposed to now where it is thawing a bit. Anyway we slid across the lawn to go get the mail. Since she has a rather narrow driveway, all of the snow was pushed up against the  mailbox (about 4 feet tall!) so we stood on top of them, and I sunk straight down! I'm talking about up to my waist here! Actually, it was only one leg but still there was some amount of fulfillment there.

I hope you enjoyed listening to my little adventures from that day!

Yes! Remastered jumping shot!

I hope you all have a lovely rest of the day (unless I post again, then I'll see you later!)

Shoes- Mom's/Vintage
Tights- Target
Scarf- Mom's
Top and skirt- H&M

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