Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I love looking through archives. All blogger archives, old magazines, anything really. It's just so interesting to see how the person evolved. I do that with pretty much any blog I really get into, and before I know it I'm in the archives of February of last year! I always end wanting to comment on other bloggers old posts, then I realize that they are either in totally different place in life now, or they are going to have no clue that I commented! I even do that with recent posts. For example, lets say I haven't visited a certain blog for about a week or so, and there are 2 posts, does that blogger only check the comments on their most recent posts or do they look through all of they're other recent ones too? I personally do, but that may just be something that comes along with having a smaller blog. You just are a little bit more, personal with your followers, pretty much if I randomly saw someone who had recently followed a blog, if they were one of my followers, I would recognize them! Weird huh? You just get so excited getting new followers! I wonder if that ever goes away with bigger bloggers?

On this blog, I always check to see if anyone has commented on any of the posts within the last page or so, unless for some reason something drives me to check something on a previous page. I even kind of like looking through my own archives for that matter. It's kind of interesting to see how much I've evolved since my first post. Even since October, maybe even November. I'm different now then I was then! And I love how blogging can bring back memories from that time, even if it does not relate exactly to what you were doing that day, blogging can still bring back those memories (all those typos!), and let you reflect back on them. (or retrospective, a recently learned word!)
Now for some lovely bloopers!

We had some huge icicles in front of my house earlier this week, my dad took this one down, and I insisted on taking some pictures with it!

Relating back to my topic,21 followers everyone! Thanks so much for following!


K_E_O_S_H_A/Amro said...

but you just don't respond to your followers =/ that really pisses me off.

JB said...

I can't really relate to the blog stuff. Mine is only updated when Juju or I feel like it (it's a joint blog). It's more for fun than for followers.

I definitely had to comment on the ginormous icicle. I'm from the south--I didn't know they could get that big!

Anna said...

I am extremely sorry for making you so angry, I meant well, and I hope you know I do appreciate every single one of your comments. Thank you for pointing this out to me, I probably wouldn't have realized.

Once again, I am very sorry.