Sunday, February 21, 2010

What a Winter Wonderland

What a Winter Wonderland!I love the snow! Its just so perfect looking! I chose this outfit when i had a snowday because for some unknown reason i dont wear this outfit to school, or atleast the sweater, its really warm too. An the boots are furry on the inside... and their waterproof! They are amazing! But the only other thing that loves the snow more than me is my dog sasha, she is part chow, and part German she is! She had a lot of fun! i dont even think she realized i was taking pictures of her while I shoveled, how fun
Green Sweater-Vintage from marshall's
Jeans- Old Abercrombie hammy-downs
Boots- Canadians? Marshall's
Pin- My cousin gave it to me
"Pearl" hair clips- Vintage
Gloves- Gift

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