Friday, February 18, 2011

The Little Things

Ah! It's been ages since my last post, well really not ages, only a few days, but still! It's so hard to be consistant with blogging! Such a lack of time lately, so happy with have off all this week! These photos were from over a week ago now, ah! So crazy! I have atleast a week's worth of posts to do! I'll be busy for quite a while this week. Those little things just keep on building up!
A few days ago I was asked how do I not get sick in the cold. The answer is really, I'm not really sure! I'm not outside for any extensive period of time, just about 10 minutes. For those ten minutes, it is freezing though. Especially since I take pictures in the morning (the lighting is better) it's even colder! On the contrary to what I just said, it was really warm today! It was proabably about 65 degrees out, and it's February! I actually took off my tights today, and I wasn't cold!
Clip& Jeans- H&M
Shoes- Marshall's
Top- Kohl's
Button Down- American Apparel.

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