Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back to Black

Actually this title is completally false. This is the most black I have worn in a casual outfit on record. Its not one of my favorites actually a little dark for my taste... But with camp altering my outfits to pictures not worth posting, it was more just finding something that looked decent. I'm not crazy about it, but what do you guys think?

Anyway, I'm wearing my favorite glasses again... atleast they're not unlucky, they didn't make me break my camera...again. And thats all.... NO WAIT! I will be abscent from blogging many dates for the next two months, on of thoses days being tomorrow. See ya Thursday guys!
Tee Shirt-Ann Taylor I think? I stole it from my Mom's closet
Skirt- Hammy Down
Shoes- Payless
Glasses- Free

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hi Everybody!

Hi Everybody! I'm sorry i didn't post yesterday!But I have an extremly exciting announcment to make....I HAD 5 COMMENTS ON MY LAST POST!!!!!!!!No new followers...but actually only 4 including me saying thank you, but still its a start1 Especially considering it took me about 4 and a half months to get 7 followers. Anyway for those who commented, thank you very much you made my day!:D
Anyway these were from yesterday!

Don't you just love the look on my face :D

once again I know its a great look!:D

i actually have a legit reason for not posting this yesterday, I CLEANED my room, I mean reaally cleaned, threw out 13yrs worth of stuff type of clean. I have to thank my mom because she made a job the would've taken me months into 4 hours. Actually I would've had time to post, i was justt really lazy. i'm suprised I even changed into that skirt(i was wearing shorts all day but i felt a sudden urge to take pictures. Anyway thats it for now, maybe I'll post again today, I have a clean basket of clothes in my room calling my name. But i might not have time. Its back to cleaning. Now though I have to clean out my closets, fun.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last day of School/ Graduation/Really Hot Day

Today(Once again, I'm not quite sure when else I posted this but I'm sure I did) is way to hot outside. Along with it being to hot, it is also very busy, a great kickoff to a busy_ but fantastic summer! Summer actually started a few days ago, but today was the last day of school, thank god. After a year when my teacher quit, left us with subs then we got a permenant sub who for the record, was terrible and cannot control the class, I am DONE. Today as I am posting we are going to be leaving for my brothers high school graduation today, I am going to try and get some great pictures there and I will post them tomorrow.

I actually have one more picture but, it would not load, so I will make it my picture for weardrobe.com. This outfit is not exciting, I was actually going to wear that polka-dot dress today, but then I realized I was going to see the same people that I saw a few days ago when I last wore it, also I wanted wear a dress today because it is about 90 degrees out? I'm sure I could find it, but I don't have time. I have to go make sure that my dad is getting ready so we are not late!
Dress- Abercrombie (still left over from those hammy downs!)
Belt- Came with a sweater, I think it was from kohls
Tank- Old Navy
Shoes- I almost forgot! I snagged these zoe&zac shoes from payless this weekend,what do you guys think?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sta Piovendo

Check out my mad Italian skills in the title above, it means "its raining" :D, I apologize that these photos are not big especially since I completed mission immpossible, but my flikr account would not take either of these photos.

I sure looked happy there

Very attractive, I know
You know how fond I am of the rain, but i really wasn't prepared for it at that moment, literally the second i walked outside, it started pouring! It was really brief but still. And I didn't have time to get an umbrella because I had to leave for a fathers day BBQ and I barely even go to take these so I won't push my luck. Anyway i would like your opinion of the bow in my hair, its HUGE...:D so you really can't miss it. i would llike to know your opinion because my mom hates it my cousin loves it and as do i, so what do you think?
flippy floppy's!- Old Navy
Dress- PAcsun
Tank- Old Navy
Belt- It is just one of those things you have thats so old you don't know hwre you got it
Cardigan- Old Navy
Bow- American Apparel ( Which for the record will prbably be my favorite new store, but I didn't have time to look, I mean really look, so after the next shopping trip I take expect some American Apparel), by the way I realized that you can't really see the bow so for the record it is striped with royal blue and white

i will eddit this later today

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Saturday, June 19, 2010


FINALLY! These past few weeks have sucked for me without my camera I use it wayyyyy to much, and it came in the mail finally! Actually it came in the mail a few days ago, but one thing had prevented me from posting these, finals. fun! fun! fun! Anyway you guys know the drill lets take it from the top!


The wind was blowing a ton in the picture I really wish you guys could see it, actually thats the reason why my hair is sideways.

Hehehehe:D Quite a fantastic shot if I do say so my self, maybe i just like that pose a lot...
Anyway this is actually the highlight of my week, after a SS and English final, SS was easy, but this year I did not learn anything in English because my teacher quit in November, she just didn't come back after that, but apparently I still did well, the next day woudl be mth, wonderful. Anyway there is nothing particularly exciting about my outfit.. just a skirt and tee and converse. Actually I'm already planning what converse I'll buy for next year. I'm debating between clear, or I'm getting a pair of yellow high tops and drawing on them so they'll look like a taxi, what do you guys think?
Sunglasses- ??
Skirt- F21
Shoes- Converse (their a kids size though)


Finally Friday, after all of your concern about my final(which was probably non-existant) It was easy, not even because i studied for 7 hours ( I mean legit 7 hours) It was easy for everyone! Just wonderful huh?

I was trying to twirl in this picture. I wonder what my mouth would look like if you could see my face:D I would probably look like an idiot.

or maybe just like this:D.
Shirt- Delia's
Skirt- H&M
Shoes- Coach
I was wearing my mom's white ruffled sweater, but not in these pictures. And I can't find it! She is going to kill me!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hellooo Again

With my broken camera I decieded to do a "picks" thing for summer. I did sunglasses and bathing suits. These are my favorites

1. Shaped- For the record I have always wanted a heart shaped pair of glasses so i had to put thes on the list, :D. http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/handbagsaccessories/sunglasses_1/shopbrandsforher/abbeydawn/PRD~606933/Abbey+Dawn+Heart+Sunglasses.jsp
2. Neon- I felt a strong need for these sunglasses on my list their pretty cool, plus, their yellow!

3. Round- Being that i have an amazing pair of round glasses similar to these, i had to put them here because they are so fantastic. http://www.kohls.com/kohlsStore/handbagsaccessories/sunglasses_1/round/PRD~642138/daisy+fuentes+Round+Sunglasses.jsp

1. full piece- I've seen a million vintage inspires polka dot suits, but I have never seen it in this color before, which I thought was very new, fresh and had a ton of pop! Plus I think that the color will look fantastic on 99% of skintones.

2. Bikini- I love yellow as you all know so I couldn't resist a yellow bikini. Though the color is not great for everybody i had to choose it.

3.Tankini- This might be my ffavorite of all of my pick's of the day, I love the pattern!

Hello again everyone, i reall doubt anybody checks my blog that frequently but i am still apologizing for my lack of posts..camera still not fixed :(