Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Straight Down the Middle

(These photos were taken on Saturday) I think I'm going to grow my bangs out. I mean, at the time I felt like I needed a change. But they just don't feel like me, they never have. Every time in the past when I have had bangs, I've just never had the patience for them. And it just feels odd having the same amount of hair on both sides of my head! Normally I have a ton of hair on one side, and a a fair amount on the other. I think I'll just make my bangs side bangs until they grow out. Oh yeah, and I'll give my hair it's part back.

Shoes-Converse/Bag-Gift/Jeans-Delia's/Top-Hand Me Down/Cardigan-Forever21/Hair-Clip-Walgreen's

 I recently did a minor DIY to my converse, maybe I'll post about it sometime within the next few days. Also I've been having tons of DIY and craft idea's lately. Maybe I'll put some of them into action. I'll finally be able to because of my recent acquiring of a hot glue gun!

Oh, I just remembered something! A few months ago when I posted something about my Look-A-Like
t-shirt which I actually have acquired since then. Anyway, I was at kohl's the other day with my mom, just browsing, and I found two shirts with my hair! Well_My hair without bangs that is! I thought it was kind of funny! Maybe the curly haired girls of the world are starting some sort of trends. I could only hope! It's so much better in my opinion than girls frying their hair everyday.

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