Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Polka Dotted Days...

Tryed making the sizes for my posts 600x800, looked good was not a set size on flickr... oh shucks.

Probably would have more to say, but I would like to overload my flickr with pictures because the monthly limit will restart tommorrow, good night to you now!
Skirt-American Apparel
Tank Top-Target


Nov-end-er! How the months have passed by since I've started this blog! It's November already! Ahhh! To think I just started this blog back in February, now I can't imagine my life without it!I had been pondering the idea for a while, I had asked my mom a million times, by the time I got home that day, it was going to be a snowday, I asked her one more time. And she said "Fine." And here we are all these months later! At the end of November.
November (I meant to discuss this) is not one of my favorite months, it just seems to be... There. Its the barrier between fall and winter. I can't wait for December though! It's oh so very cheery, and(hopefully!) the snow will start, but probably not (atleast not the big storms) those are usually January-February. It's still hard to believe tommorrow it will be December, it's not cold enough for starters! Usually by now its steadily in the 40's!
Well!... Nevermind that its just force of habit, it will not be goodnight, I have a few more things to share with you today.
Tee- Delia's
Cardigan-Kohl's (Simply Vera Wang)
Bow- DIY

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bundled Up

Lately I've been doing a lot of thought (and discussing) personal style. I think it's a way of expression, and personality! But we say many do not have it. Do I think just happening to wear the same thing as all your friends exudes any type of individuality? No. Many just wear what their friends wear, or are inspired by celebrities like Taylor Swift; Miley Cyrus... etc.etc. Once I actually heard a girl say "Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez... The Usual." When asked about her style inspiration. I don't truely dislike them... Nevermind that, I really do kind of dislike some of these people. I feel like they are the reason so many teens are lacking expression in their wardrobes and just dress generically and strictly in trends.

The reason I critisize teens the most is because, I am surronded by them, and I am one. I do my best to not be generic, but sometimes, you just can't avoid it. I feel like now I do have a personal style though, instead of just thinking I do. Is it quite developed and defined? No not completly. But if I look through most of my outfit archives, and think of the few things I haven't posted on this blog, they all look like they would be something I would wear. But when I look at them all together, they look like a style, but not quite a collection. That in my opinion, is the best and most defined type of style where you could just open someones closet and look through their wardrobe, and automatically define their style. I hope someone of my limited followers have read this somewhere, and gotten something out of this post, and this blog just in general to inspire them to be an individual, because that is really what this experiance has done for me.

I really think about these things a lot, but I'm sort of afriad to post them, because I think I might regret it later. But honestly screw it. This is supposed to be a documentry of a type of evolution, and I'm just going to go with it. Really I still have a lot more to say about the general topic, but it wouldn't go with the rest of this post. SO enjoy your night everyone!

Shirt-Marshall's?: Boots-Canadians:Jeans-Delia's:Scarf-?:Cardigan-Forever 21:


Been meaning to discuss thoughts on this blog. Maybe after some followers so someone will read it... Wow, that sounded shallow and melodramatic.
Pajama day that day, I vowed I would never wear pj's or sweats out of the house again... With the excpetion of these leggings:D
Cardigan-Forever 21
Scarf-Flea Market

Happiness Runs In A Circular Motion...

Sunday, end of the long weekend, must catch up on all of my posts.

I'll see ya then!
Leggings-American Apparel
Dress-American Apparel

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Voldemort's Boggart.

Really there is no boggart for Voldemort, unless it is death.
GASP IT WAS SO AMAZING!It translated perfectly from the book they didn't leave anything out really, and they didn't add anything unecessary!Wow I just realized since I saw it almost a week ago, I have nothing to say about it. wow, thats not good. Well I do have a funny punchline from the movie.

Everybody takes the polyjuice potion, Fleur is changing she says "Bill Don't look at me I'm hideous." and she is taking off a bra in Harrys Body.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well Happy Late Thanksgiving for that matter! I hope you all had a great holiday!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday...

Actually it is Tuesday, but I have been meaning to use that title for a while, + these were taken on Monday.

Exhausted, must sleep. tomorrow(I hope!) I will post about the Deathly Hallows, not enough time now. Peace out.
Shoes- Converse

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bows And Such

Been in a very "jeans" mood these days. No more to say. I'll post later today about the Deathly Hallows!
Boots- Canadian's/ Courtesy of my mom's closet... well she gave them to me.
Bow- DIY

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Monster In Your Closet.

I am a monster in your closet, fear me!

Shoes- Hand Me Downs
Tights- A/X Outlet
Skirt- H&M
Shirt- Delia's
Cardigan-courtesy of my mom's closet.
Bow- DIY

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We Go Together Like Mustard And Ketchup...

Wanted to make the title "Between The Dotted Lines" But alas, no stripes that day maybe another time...

Felt very__ Condement...ish. Wearing ripped tights, sewed them up.(All the way from a post back in April or so!) got a small line rip. Maybe they'll be good for another few weekends. Who knows? Well can't get too chatty today got another post to do. Peace out!

Tights- Mandee: Shoes-Converse: Cardigan:Courtesy of My Mom's Closet:Dress-Pacsun: Scarf-?: Jacket- Marshall's

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hat's Off!

Today I have learned a few things.
A. It is impossible to trick a photobucket.
B. It is actually possible to post 2 things in 20 minutes.
Tried to zoom this photo below in, changed the size so it wasn't as wide as the other pictures... epic fail.

In other news.... DO YOU SEE THIS HAT! Had it in the good ol' days (aka 6th Grade) Decieded that it was ugly, never wore it. Found it the other day and LOVED IT! Obviously not everybody loved it though. Teacher saw it and took it, and made me pick it up at the office at the end of the day. Sigh, there went my good day.... Actually I am being a little melodramatic, well it was_ well yesterday (these were from Monday) was a pretty good day.

My mother went to Macys and I came with her, we stopped at Old Navy along the way. And I highly recommend that if you are ever in the North Jersey Area, ask me wear(hehehe punny!) this Old Navy is. Got this sweater, wasn't going to buy anything because I bought basics last week, but well this one was amazing! Also got some adorable gloves! Actually I wore them that day, left them in my locker, ooooppps!

Good night everybody! See you tomorrow! (Well possibly quite a bit of studing to do...)

Boots- Canadians: Cardigan- Old Navy: Jeans- Hand Me Downs: Hat- Steve Madden: Shirt(Underneith)- ?

Oh So Mysterious One...

Where has the ooh so mysterious one been?

You'll find out in my other posts, check 'em out!
Shoes- Minnetonka's
Shirt- Courtesy of My Mom's Closet
Scarf- Vintage
Hat- Aeropostale Outlet

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hunt For A Header.

Been on the hunt for the perfect header for ages. I have had about 11 or so headers in the past.. wow its been in the past 10 months! okay got off track there for a moment....
Anyway I would like YOUR opinion's this time. Do you like this first one or the one that is my header at this very moment.

***all opinions are appreciated!
And now you are about to have a special insight into the early days of What A Wonderful Weardrobe. My old 10 or 11 headers.. this should be all of them, so enjoy!
February- My first header.
I did not know what my header should be therefore, I looked up "fashion colluage" and found this.
A few days(?) or weeks later (I remember days but Picsa albums is telling me differently.)
Positive this header was brief, I don't remember it what so ever.
The next day(?) Well a short time after.
This was my first long(ish) term header I think it last for 2 weeks to a month.
March I think I wanted a picture of a person. But I didn't like it so I (think) I went to this...
March or Early April
This header lasted longer than all of my others. Actually a really long time compared to the others. I put this up in about.... March. And had it up 'till about June? Early July?
Late June
Thought my long-term header was boring, I liked umberella's and therefore, new header.

Late August.
I did not want that header anymore, therefore, I changed it.
Early September
This one lasted about... 3 weeks- a month.
Mid-Late September
I Felt bad taking the Cherry Blossom Girl's photos (the camera and the bow) so , I took my own.

This one was changed today. I was getting tird of those boots so I said "oh! I'll try this!".
And there you go, the short history of What A Wonderful Weardrobe.

Mommy And Me...

***I have never and will never call my mom "mommy"
Didn't feel like doing a whole photo... thing at the time. A mirror was in close proximity so that= picture!

My mom happend to show up in this one. I've been meaning to feature her on the 'ol blog-o-sphere so this worked out well.
She is quite the stylish lady my mom, and I was thinking of doing a "Woman's-wear Wendsday". What do you think? I think it might work... If I remember....

Actually I have not declared which one is my mother yet, though those reading this have figured it out through the hair. (For those who have still not figured it out or looked it is the one with the curly hair!) .

We used to look nothing alike. I still don't think we look alike at all. But now I have curly hair, when I was little it used to be baby fine and pin straight... it started going wavy, and BAM it got curly. I like it better now anyway, I feel like it suits me better. Funny how it worked out that way!

Sweater- H&M
Tee- From Hong Kong made in Guatemala
Jeans- Delia's
Shoes- Minnetonka's
Socks- TjMaxx (they are betsey johnson. I know it sounds ridiculous but they were about $7 for two packs with 4 pairs a piece. And I like patterned socks.)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Got my winter coat back from the cleaners today. Scroll down to see if you please.
There is my yellow winter coat. Which has blue red and yellow paisly print inside. (Check my title!)

I thought these pictures turned out so much better then they actually did. Oh well.
Skirt- American Apparel
Boots- Minnetonka's
Scarf- Found in the coat closet, I think its my Mom's?
Tank(s)- Old Navy
Cardigan- Old Navy
Coat- Delia's

Dottin' Your Eyes and Crossing your T's...

Tacky title today... Orignally I was going to do something more like "long time no talk"
***These were from Monday, and lets start the show!
Went shopping on Saturday for, "basics". They were kind of hard to look for. The only thing I knew I needed was a black skirt.. And then I saw these leggings. And they were patterned leggings! GASP! Not just patterned but, polka-dotted.
Really into these waist-thing shots, this one looked a lot better when it was smaller.

Really liking these closet shots latley. Good for days when it is too dark to be taking pictures. Those days will be coming pretty soon. Took pictures at about... 4:15 or so today? And it was already a little dark. You will be seeing them later today(hopefully!) I think they turned out peachy keen.
Leggings- American Apparel
Tee- Marshall's
Skirt- American Apparel
Cardigan- Courtesy of my Mom's closet!
Hat- Aeropostale Outlet

Friday, November 5, 2010

On My CHECKlist...

The title now is meaningless, just meant to be a very tacky pun.
Love this photo, really just love these tights. Been trying to find something to wear them with all week.. sucess!

I guess I'm not into showing my face latley (check my last post)
Shoes- Minnetonka's
Tights-TJmaxx(Betsey Johnson)
Dress(Really a sweater shhh!)- Courtesy of my mom's closet
Tank- Hand Me Down
Glasses- Panama Jack


So very tacky (referring to my title, and for those who are new around here very often my first words of my posts refer to the title!).. Anyway I am exhausted, still got a whole other post to do! O well, atleast I'm not too far behind.

Working on my winter wishlist (chanukahh/things I just like/ Where I want my style to go this winter/inspiration board.) . You might see it sometime around Thanksgiving (maybe earlier!) not sure though...
Tights- Mandees
Leggings(underneith)- H&M
Shirt/Cardigan-Courtesy of my mothers closet** I did not steel it she did not want it anymore.
Skirt-Forever 21

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wardrobe Remix:High Socks.

Technically, my title is not a lie. I am just wearing two different high socks. This one is from yesterday.
Do you know those outfits when you put it on in the morning, and by the end of the day you hate it? Well that was this outfit. I really like the way it photographed though.
Socks- Northface (VIA Tjmaxx)
Shoes- Minnetonka's
Leggings- American Apparel
Belt- I must find this out sometime... (actually a girl came up to me that day saying that she thought she had the same one, but I said I doubted it because this belt was probably from back in the 'ol toddler days, and she said hers were to! Tehehe, not really that funny, but it made me chuckle...)
Sweater- Hand Me Down from my mom. (In other words she did not want it anymore.)
Scarf- Vintage.

Before we continue with the remix, I must show you these! My current pride and joy! LOVE THEM! AMAZINGLY WARM, AND THEIR MOCCASINS!I now have my winter boots, for those really snowy days I'll wear my mom's 'ol canadian waterproof boots with the broken zipper. (I've actually worn them before, but its been a while.)

Here was today on the first wear. Really hated this outfit. It was a morning where I had something planned that didn't work out. Shucks...

Anway goodnight everybody... And guess what! Tomorrow's THURSDAY!
Boots- Minnetonka's
Socks- Hot Sox
Jeans- Delias
Tee- Woodstock (if you look close it says Woodstock '69!)
Button down- Hand Me Down
Sweater- American Apparel.