Sunday, May 30, 2010

It Brings Tears too My Eyes To Say

Please excuse my lack of posting, I have a legitamite reason this time my camera broke:(. It brings tears to my eyes to say. In my house it wouldn't and shouldn't be too hard to find a temporary replacment, being that we have about 5 or 6 cameras. But they all know I broke mine so they wont be as willing to give it up... Anyway these are from monday, I finally figured out how to do a jumping shot again!

Don't you just love the look on my face???
Anyway as I said these were from monday. And now I have to talk about my new glasses! They are fantastic! They have a vintage vibe and their sooo...quirky!:DI really wast crazy about this outfit I don't know why....Though I still do love the skirt. If I am not able to attain a camera I will be posting lots of "finds" and "top 3/5/10's" For the next week? Maybe?
I was wearing a sweater it was from Macy's

Saturday, May 22, 2010

What a Wonderfully Long week it's Been

Wow, its been I long week! I apologize for not posting too much everybody!It has been due to a scarce amount of time, and sheer laziness. You know the drill I'll start with monday, go to tuesday, and then to Friday, I did not take any other pictures this week.

Monday- I have no title for this day
Not too many good shots on Monday sadly, I'm having trouble with jumping shots now, sighhh.
Belt- ?
Cardi.-Kohls..i think the brand is "say what?"
Shoes- Franco Sarto

What a Wonderfully Red Rainy Day (Tuesday)
This is the contrast betwen my dress and my tights pretty striking huh?
Oh no my tights ripped! After the first wear :(... and I went swimming that day. I was sure a happy camper.
Isn't the back of my sweater cute!
I sure didn't have a great day that day, I went swimming my tights ripped, and, that day my umberalla was not just a prop. It was ligit pouring! I love the rain but my camera got all wet:(.
Cardi.-DKNY jeans
Friday, Wow thats A lot of Prints.
It is a lot of prints Stripes, triangle things, flowers!

I tried more jumping shots today, they didn't work. So this is what I got. I was very uncomfortable that day. The belt wasn't in the right place and neither was a the waist of the skirt. It was too short. I do love the print mixing though, I should do that more often!

Shirt-F21 \


Cardi-"say what?" Kohls

Shoes-Franco Sarto

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Please Excuse My abscense

Dear all my followers, I hope you will excusemy abscense from the past week, because of my lack of being able to load big pictures, now I must go back to these little ones until I find another picture site, please excuse that too. These are some of my pcitures from the past week from Wed.-Sat. (I also have a thursday but I didnt like it)


I did not get many shots that day, but the one's I got were very good. Or atleast I think so. Its was a happy day for 3 reasons 1. I love the rain, 2. It was not burning hot, 3. I did not go swimming today! :D In my school we have a pool and it is required for gym to do 10weeks of swimming, but we missed our first day
(thank god) because of this really long test, though I didn't like that either, its better than a swimming period. Its not even that the swimming is that bad. Its just that the chnaging is AWFUL.
Red Sweater- Good question I stole it from my mom's closet
Belt-It came with a sweater from Kohls


I had fun with my mini photoshoot today :D

Today I actually got A ton of shots..But were they good I liked the one's a did get. There was one more decent one, but my hair ruined it because it was seen cleary, and I went SWIMMING THAT DAY! It was terrible my hair looked like a rats nest by 3rd period, fun! fun! fun!The outfit is bad though I chose it because its easy to change in and out of.
Top-Old Navy
SKirt-TJ MAxx(im a maxxinista again :D)
Cardigan-old Navy
Belt-Good question


I love the over-exposure in these shots, Its makes everything look so bright, I took a bunch more, but thes were my favorite's.

Check out my sunglasses. They have pink sides :D, they dont really work but they look amazing!

I loved this shot :D. I had one more good one, but it caused "an uploading error". I love that skirt I'm wearing I probably wear it way too much, but today I was eating chocolate dippin' dont's and it got on my white skirt! :( I hope it will come out!That all I have to say about this outfit, actually thats all I can say cause I dont have a lot of time.
Shoes-Payless(I wear those way too much)
Top-Anna Sui for Target
Cardi-old Navy

Monday, May 10, 2010


I love these purple tight I found in my drawer!:D Their pretty amazing!(p.s. their sparkly!)

i happend to love all the shots I got that day...but my flikr account reached its photo limit for the month..gasp! Now I have to find a way to make the picture bigger again. Mission immpossible 2 it seems like...
Cardigan-Old Navy
Tights-Hue? I think?
SHoes-Payless(and uncomfortable as hell)

Friday, May 7, 2010

All Laced Up

Though I love the rain, theres nothing like a sunny morning :D. And I am truley a morning person, I love waking up early feeling so refreshed from a good nights sleep, and getting out of bed, and then going about my business as I please, without being bothered.

I love the overexposure of these shots from the morning sun, I look like I'm glowing!

I had to show a close up of this color scheme! It looks so light and airy! Especially with all of the citrusy greens! And I happened to love this lace shirt, which I wore last SUnday? I think? I don't really have too much to say about it, but I like this outfit. It felt very...happy :D
Cardigan-Old Navy
Shoes-Franco Sarto

Thursday, May 6, 2010


No time to say anyhting! Night everybody!
Dress(worn as skirt)-Abercrombie and Fitch
Skirt(worn as shirt)-Vintage

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Waisting away the afternoon

This was my only good shot from today. it doesn't even show my face...sigh.

These were from yesterday, I finally got myself a pair of high-waisted shorts! For one dollar! Their pretty amazing:D. Along with this dinosaur pin on my shirt, its name is
Ted Carlos :D
Shoes- Franco Sarto
Tank-Old Navy

Monday, May 3, 2010

Moody Skies

Today the sky is having mood swings. This morning (and all last night) the sky was a solid grey and it was pouring for hours. Late morning it was still cloudy, but not raining. Then at about 3 o clock , it POURED not raining hard, I mean like the type of rain so fast you can't see it. It only lasted for about 10 minutes... But after the rain was done :( I find that very sad being that I love the rain. Its back to 90 degreedays now... fun, fun, fun! Ooh yeah and I feel like I'm drinking my own air because its so humid!The humidity is terrible for my hair, my Mom is always telling me how great hers looks in the humidity... lucky her.
I sure look like a happy camper, don't I? Hmmm my best shot of the day, I obviously did not get many good shots.

The very pretty pattern on my skirt... I'vve wanted a floral skirt for a long time, I found this one for $13 at TjMaxx, I guess now I'm a maxxinista...:D

I really liked how this umberella and the skirt looked together, none of the colors are really the same, but I guess I just like umberella's!( I think you guessed that due to my last post!)

I really liked this outfit! The waist was a tad big, but yet again...what isn't big on me? So I belted it. This pattern once again... ITS AMAZING! Its got a country western vibe but its also kinda vintag-y.

Skirt- TJ Maxx
Shirt-Abercrombie and Fitch
Shoes- Minnetonka (I started moccasins! I sware! I've been wearing them forever, no one noticed, more people then wear them "Oh I love your shoes!") Actually I did not start this.. my Grandpa did, he is 86, and has been wearing them since he was 16
Blazer- Vintage
P.S. I got a haircut! What do you think? I really needed one though... I mean NEEDED, not just like its a little long.. I mean it was really unhealthy.