Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April Showers Bring May Rain

April Showers Bring May Flowers. I hope it does this year, because last year, April Showers brought May rain. So I had to do a post on rain stuff just in case, these are my top picks.

1. Umberella's (long enough?) A clear umbrella. On the top of the things I've always wanted list... its amazing!!!

No comment needed.
2. Trenchcoats
I really like green, its a very pretty, and Earthy color. And then then plaid, its just do damn cute!

It looks like a taxi! It a little bit of a different take for a raincoat, very interesting though, its my favorite color. :D

Very pretty and simple, it almost looks French/Chanel inspired.
3. Rainboots

Lime green rainboots, 'nuff said.
I like strange prints, I think this fits in the catagory of "strange prints"

Hahah, fruit :D

Monday, April 26, 2010

Rainy Days

Rain, rain is falling down. Outside rain hits the ground, What is rain when you see is like counting 1,2,3Hear the wind join the rain as if it was a symphonyRain rain falling downOutside rain hits the ground.

I guess this is the first April showers bring May flowers thing. Though I'm not sure if it counts because it is only a few days 'till may! Atleast it didn't rain as much as last year, last year there were only approximatly 2 or 3 days of April with the sun outside. 5 or 6 days in May. And about 7 or 8 days in June. But the summer was nice it rained only about 2 or 3 times in July AND August.

Shoes- Converse
Jeans- Splendid
Lace Top- Vintage
Red Tank- Old Navy
Sweater -f21
Scarf- Vintage

The grey hue stretches over the sky, tiny clear drops fall, disapearing into the ground. Making the soft brown tree trunks appear black, and the bright jade of the green grass and leaves popping out from all of the softer hues. I like the rain but I have a feeling it will last for most of spring, so I douby I will like it for much longer.

This jade color of my shirt is very pretty and bright! It drapes perfectly!

Ha ha ha I really like the reflection of the umberella in the water!

I really like this shot the colors are soo vivid!

The really cute print of my umberella! i love the tiny floral pattern! And if you look really closely you can see tiny raindrops on the umberella.

To take all of these shots I had to slosh in the rain for about a half hour... There are just so many great angles to trees in my yard! I have about an entire fence of them! THere is almost no grass in my yard though, it is all moss (I guess the trees make up for it)Moss which grows and dies(I learned this in science class!)Then builds up in the soil making it possible for larger and more complex plants to grow there.

The boots helped me slosh around what would be my equivelant of rainboots or as I like to say galoshes. They are COMPLETALLY waterproof, GASP! Their about 2 or 3 sizes to big for tiny feet. But they are extremly warm and work for days were it pours all day like this. And they have heels... That are silent!
Green Shirt-Anthropolgie
Leggings- H&M
Boots- Canadians

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mission Impossible

I have finally accomplished mission immpossible, how to make pictures bigger on this site, you just upload it, from the internet, not the actual computer GASP! And thats all I have to say....cause I dont Have time to write anymore.
Shoes - Coach
Skirt- H&M

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Today i took a buncyh more pictures than this, but this site won't let me load any of them!!:( these were the only ones that would load...

Another day Another outfit, usually in a week, I skip a day or two of my better outfits, but I've found that the more consistant I am, the less i want to wear a hoodie. I've also discovered that skirts and dresses are just as comfortable as other bloggers say they are!! Gasp! At first I didn't understand it, I thought that they were uncomfortable! As of yesterday I still couldn't grasp why everybody thinks that jeans are so uncomfotable... until now! They restrict you soo much more!!
Shoes-Franco Sarto
Dress- Abercrombie
Cardigan- Kohls

Monday, April 19, 2010

Falling behind

It seems to me I can't help but falling behind, my last post "Playing catch-up" I was supposed to be catching up but it turns out I forgot a bunch. And this is out of a scarcity of time, and just pure laziness. And please excuse me for the messed up order of the posts. Friday and Thursday I just forgot to post in the right order, but Saturday I forgot I took picture of....


Saturday, I like saturdays, I went to go see a movie that day, thats why I'm wearing a bag. I saw datenight! it was hysterical!!! Anyway now I'm getting to the outfit. I happen to lke this outfit, but its a bit dark for my usual taste, but most of my clothes were not clean so i was stuck with wearing..well the stuff i don't wear too often.... And guess what! I actually had a hairstyle that day! other than just down! My hair looked really bad that day and in a magazine I saw someone wearing a sidebraid so I tried it! And thats all I have to say for that day
Shirt- Abercrombie and Fitch
Tee Shirt- Delias
Shoes- Payless


i love this jacket, I just haven't worked up the nerve to wear it! Its a little bit... Out of the rhealm of reality for my town... But it is like a tornado of fabulessness!

Love the way the fringe looks as I jump :D
It seems to me I wasn't in a smiley mood that day as I took pictures, maybe it was the clouds? I don't know why I wouldn't be, this jacket is the most amazing vintage pieces (and one of the only) in my clost. i really wish I could shop vintage more, my mom refuses to take me, and being that I can't drive...Well, she doesn't let me walk either. I was actually wearing a pleather jacket that day but I couldn't find it soo, I just figured why not? And went to go take my pictures. Anyway I also happen to love this headband, its soo preppy for me but the offwhite lace gives it a more...well not preppy touch, i guess i'm contradicting myself. One of the reasons I like this headband so much is becauseI made it, enough said.

Jacket- Vintage
Button Down- ?
Tank- Abercrombie and Fitch
Jeans- Abercrombie
Shoes- Minnetonka
Headband- Made by ME!

Thursday This is a signing board from my birthday, the theme was mod! What do you think? And also don't you like my fishy buttons!!!

I think I might've lost my picture mojo again... I don't really like the picture I took that day... i liked this outfit though. I technically made a lot of it .. The yellow shirt(intentionally a skirt) was a giant tee shirt, and the hem on the bootom wasn't even and as a skirt like that.. it didn't look good, so I tried it as a shirt and wellah! Plus those fishy buttons are amazing! And the skirt was origanally a dress but the top was to small and I chopped it off, so once agin wellah!(I especially like its pockets!)
Tube top- Made by me!
Shoes- Franco Sarto
Skirt- Made by me!
Belt- Vintage
Tank( under yellow top)- Old navy


i don't really like Sundays, I kinda liked this outfit though. The blazer(its purple faux suede!) is one of the only vintage pieces in my closet(other than the fringe coat!) It soo wierd! And quirky!! I just like it And the green shirt? Come on its bright green... i guess I'm more enthusiastic about this outfit than i thought! But i seriously hate these jeans there those "skinny jeans" That a really more bootcut than anything, and if you roll them up there boyfriend jeans!:D( I know you can't read the sarcasim in that smile... but its there)
Jacket- Vintage
Tank- Nike?
Jeans- Abercrombie
Shoes- Coach
This picture is just amazing! Fantastic! incredible! My Favorite! it looks like I'm flying!!!!!

Finally the last picture!!! (it takes a long time to post these!) I really dont have the patience to talk about this outfit soo...

Sweater- August Silk


Shoes- Coach

Tank(s)- Old Navy(both)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Catch up

Boy oh Boy! Its been a long time since my last post! I have not had the time all week to post my outfits. So I don't really know how to start this so I guess I'll do, Sunday- Wednesday I have all the way up to Friday, but I'll leave those for another day.

It seems to me i have my mojo back! over the past week my picture mojo has completally disappeared! I got in a ton of jumping shots(their my favorites) It seems I've finally mastered them. This is still not my favorite outfit though, so I don't have too much to say about it.
Shirt_ Anna Sui for Target
Cardigan- Abercrombie&Fitch

My face looks very..strange? In this picture, But I had to post it just because I'm doing a split in mid-air

Why did I do this pose?

This is my favorite picture of the day, everything looks so pretty and green! The backdrop as the sunset, doesn't hurt either.

(wow I did this posee alot, even in the other ones I didn't post!)

I happend to really love this outfit, it seems I got a bit a picture mojo back, most of my pictures were usable, and there were none I really loved, with the exception of the one were it makes it seem like I'm in the forest, well not quite, but its still my favorite of the day. This shirt really went with the day as it seemed to warm up and bloom the trees in the warmer days of spring. This actually technically is not my shirt, it is my friends shirt. She offered to give it to me because she said it made her look pregnant:) I'm always happy to recieve a free edition to my wardrobe. The jeans are possibly my prized possession, my first 00(sigh), and the sweater, I really need to get more, i wear it non-stop. These shoes I have really warmed up to though.
Shoes- Coach
Sweater-Old Navy

(I guess I forgot to wear my sweater?)

It seems to me that good photos are becoming more and more scarce. I have not taken any good photos! I must have taken about 10 others and these were the only one's i could salvage from the bunch. Maybe I've lost mojo! Like Austin Powers! Sigh...I could only wish to be that cool. The same thing goes for my outfit, maybe I'm losing the mojo with my clothes too.

Shoes- Coach
Shirt- Kohls


Sadly this was my only good picture from this day, I wasn't a huge fan of this outfit either. The "skirt"(it really was a shirt) was extremly uncomfortable, my belt did not fit right. But there are always other days.

Shoes- Minnetonkas

Shirt(worn as a skirt)- Abercrombie and fitch

Tee- F21