Saturday, December 31, 2011

At Long Last

I think this may be my last outfit post of 2011 tears***
It has been a truely lovely year blogging here on What A Wonderful Weardrobe. I celebrated my first blog-o-versary, and I have over 30 followers now (34!). That may not seem like a lot compared to ther other monster-huge blogs, but it's a huge milestone for me. I would just like to say thank you. So much. For everything. The comments, the follows, every single thing made me smile. It's been lovely.

I know this is tacky but I have to:
See you next year!
Shoes-Target//Top & Skirt-F21//Tights-Marshalls//Scarf & Cardigan-Old Navy

Hello There

I think that this is probably about my 5th or so post titled "Hello There"shoes-Minnetonka//Tights-Marshalls//Cardigan-Macys//Dress-Pacsun//Scarf-DIY/Hat-Claires

The Final Stretch

It's the last few hours of 2011 kiddos! No in depth posts for now, I have to finish about 6 more outfit posts (?).


A Color Story

All of my next few posts have outfits of mostly black and white. Making it a color story.
Shoes-Vintage//Tights-Marshalls//Dress-American Apparel

Lady In Red

I tried out some red lipstick! I've been wanting to start wearing it on a daily basis for quite some time now! Actually, I was waiting until I got my braces off! And I finally did, so I decided why not! I personally loved the way it looked. Any thoughts?
Also, I got a new winter coat, do you like it?

That Awkward Moment...

Though I think that "That Awkward Moment" is hilarious, I've seen some pretty annoying, not funny, and not awkward ones. Such as:
"That Awkward Moment when I boy doesn't love you back."
Seriously? Stop trying to get people to be sorry for you, you have a good life. Also that is not awkward nor amusing in any way.

Shoes-Vintage//Jeans-Delias//Top-Marshalls//Sweater-Forever 21


All of you that followed me since last year probably know my dislike of New Years Resolutions. I don't know, I just don't like the idea. Shouldn't you be trying to better yourself year round, everry single day. Not just when there is no time left. I guess I really just don't like new years. Most people view it as the beginning of something, but I think that the end of the years is sad (I hate change). Maybe that's a tad pessimistic. Actually, contradicting what I just said, I actually have one resolution so far:

Read more: Maybe I should be more clear. I do read all the time, but it's all re-reading. Mostly (all) Harry Potter actually. Though I'm sure I'll still reread all the time, I promised myself I'll read atleast 20 new books this year.

Top & Pants-Forever21//Hat-Claires

Black Friday

I got this on black friday. It was not on sale. Oh well. You can telll I'm just filled with personality and interesting thoughts today! RIGHT?!?! Anyway, happy new years eve! Today I'll be posting every outfit that I haven't posted yet in 2011. Considering that this was taken in November, there will be a lot of posts following this one.
Sweater & Scarf-Target//Jeans-Delias//Boots-Vintage

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fly Away With Me.

Tacky bird titles? I think YES!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Patterns and Textures and Colors, Oh My!

Hey kids! Back to some normal posting perhaps? I think yes:). Maybe I'll do some more catching up later because, I like this way much better! Also, new layout and photo size? Thoughts? Opinions?

Shoes & Tank Top-Target//Tights-Marshalls//Skirt-Forever21//Scarf-DIY//Cardigan-Old Navy

Playing Catchup

Here it goes, another edition of "Playing Catchup"! Its been quite a while since I've done this... Segment? Well anyway, I think I'm about 20 posts behind or so? Something along hose lines anyway. Shoes-Vintage//Sweater-Forever21//Jeans-Delias//Top-Marshalls

Shoes-Vintage//Leggings-Marshalls//Top & Hat- Forever 21


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy Winter Solstice, Kids!