Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Time is A-Waistin'

Though the title of my post today was meant to be punny, it is true time is a-waistin', the first day of school is one week from today. Joyfullness. Anyway... yesterday I actually had a social life(GASP)! here was my outfit from yesterday

About my 20th attempted jumping shot, I just can't seem to do them anymore...
No idea what I was aiming for here...
Me trying to look like the "I don't care"Badass, for once, not an epic fail.BUBBLES!
tehehe, you can actually see the bubbles.
That was my bubble case thingy...It was an ice cream cone.:D
Latley I've seen a lot of bloggers doing features. I think its a great idea, I attempted it, but I don't have enough patience to follow through, I tried to do breakfast stuff, I was gonna do a photo friday, Maybe some other stuff too, but I've started to realize maybe features are not the right move for me.
Shoes- Minnetonka
Shorts- Thrifted
Tee- Technically thrifted, really stolen from a friends closet.
Belt- ?
Headband- (belt)Gift box?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Polka Dots Part II

Technically I did not even have a Polka Dots Part I. But we will just consider that my last post because I was wearing polka dots. Incidentally this very same dress. I just couldn't find anything else that I wanted to wear, but this dress, it is just soo easy tostyle! I can think of a million different options! Well that day was another cool weathered day...sigh. And I had another photoshoot...

I was trying to make it look like I was walking.
Tehehe, I was hiding:D

Me trying to look like a badass by shooting my umbrella at you, I have no idea what my thought process was for that.
nothin special
damn jumping shots.
Trying to look all cool and "i'm not paying attention"..ish.

Another cool day. I finally get to use umberallas again, this one happend to be HUGE and very heavy I brought it for style purposes and just in case it actually rained. Tehehe and I was wearing pollka dot socks if you look real close.
Shgoes- Minnetonka
Leggings- H&M
Socks- Betsey Johnson(on sale at marshalls 5 pairs in a pack for $4, not a bad deal if I do say so myself)
Dress- Pacsun
Cardigan- Remember when I used to wear this everyday. (gap)
ps. GASP! im wearing matching socks!

What is the Difference Between Tights And Stockings

Really though, what is the differnce between tights and stockings, I am really wondering... Please comment below if you know, I am actually quite curious. Anyway... That day I had a very large photoshoot, because I was bored out of my mind and I had been sitting at home for 2 DAYS!AHHH! In total I probably took about 50-65 pictures in my estimate, maybe more because I recently un-mastered the jumping shot... Very frustrating. Anyway, here is 10 of my favroites, I hope you like them.

Above it looks like I am using some sort of symbol, for the record that was not intended.
I was attempting the Abby Road album cover thing... It didn't work.
Geez, my hair looks HUGE there.
Me in my new glasses, I was trying to look like a nerd. What do you guys think(I'll get aclose up i tommorows photos.
I'm not quite sure what I was getting at here...
I kinda think this is my signature, even if I do not post it often, I do it all the time.
Ahhh, a normal photo.
Me fake-fixing my clip, actually did get a picture of myself actually fixing my clip, I decieded not to post it.
I was trying to look like a badass spy here, I failed miserably.
No comment, not in a bad way, I just have nothing to sat about it.
I really wish I took a closeup picture of my tights, I feel like you can't really see it. But I really LOVED my outfit that day, to bad no-one saw it but my mom, but too late. And i found a new venue for my photos, I was very sick of my usual places. This is the brick wall outside the back of my house... I will also be in my next post. The next after that? Who knows?
Tights- i don't remember really, but I think they're from mandies.
SHoes- Minnetonkas ( I think I have rekindled my addiction to these things! I used to wear them almost everyday.)
Dress- Pacsun ( it will also be featured in my next post, its just very easy to wear!)
Clip- H&M
Belt- Something that is so Old I don't know where its from.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I Am a ninja Fear Me

Moccasins Anyone?

Tehehe My attempt to look like a ninja. Attempt failed:D
Today it was 70 degrees and raining. No more comments needed.
Shoes- Minnetonka
Jeans- Delias
Sweater- F21
Tank- Old Navy

Breakfast Time

Breakfast from Friday was delicous. I have been thinking of doing one post of my breakfast a week. What do you guys think?. My idea for this came from http://www.delightfully-tacky.com/
and http://simplybreakfast.blogspot.com/ . Hope you guys like it!
Whats Cookin?
On Friday morning I made an ommlette.( I think it turned out as scrambled eggs...or maybe that was saturday...)
Ingriediants: Egg-White, Tomatoe, Green Pepper, Broccoli, Jarlsburg Cheese, and a little parasean.
Final Meal:Yes today was my scrambled eggs day. Well anyway I cut a roll in half and toasted it, that is what I ate my eggs on, I put a little drop of cottage cheese on and I was good to go. Than I had a little bit of orange juice.
It was Delicous

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fantastic Friday

Not a blazing hot day on friday(thankfully)
Were I was origanlly going to take pictures, but there was a big spider.
My favorite of the day, it has somewhat of a dark aspect to it...What do you guys think?

Ohhh I'm a happy camper there.

Though I kinda liked the outfit, I ended up changing later, I felt so uncomfortable all day.
Shirt- Abercromibe(hammy down days)
Tank- Target or kohls ....I think?
Shorts- Delias
Shoes- Minnetonka
Sunglasses- Panama Jack.
pspspspsps.....I got my camera fixed!

Gettin back into the swing of things

Long time no post everyone! I though I posted this yesterday, but I guess it didn't work. Mi dispiace. I learned how to say I'm sorry in a different language just for you! Thats italian(i actually already knew it but shhh!) Anyway after a frightfully busy long summer I have 3 weeks before school, just to sit down, and relax. Anyway here are my photos from last saturday, today i should also be posting photos from friday and hopefully today.(Its raining so I'm kind of excited!)
I'm excited for two reasons this time though.
1. It is 75 degrees out, bliss.
2. I just like the rain.
hmmmm....I wonder what I am doin here..
I was trying to move my hand before the picture, it didn't work out too well.

Tehehe I think I look prettty badass here, but I probably don't, a 13 year old with a fashion blog, I don't think comes off as a "badass".
Shoes- Minnatonka
Dress(worn as a skirt)- Pacsun
Belt- ?
Tee shirt- Delias
Sunglasses- Panama Jack

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Did you know Canadian's actually do say ehh?
Places we went-(RATINGS 1-5)
Botanical Gardens-Boring. 2
Olympic tower- INSANE! the elavator ride up is terrifying, I almost started hyperventalating. 4
Labyrinth- So much fun if you are ever in montreal do this.5
La Ronde(with all the intense coasters)-3(if I liked rollar coasters more I would have had a better time.
Jet boating... A trip I did not mention, because if I had my camera there it would have broken...a day earlier. Yes some one broke another camera .5
Dowtown montreal-(the picture with the bicycles) I would post people but being that I do not have their permission I refuse. 5
Montreal Science Center- Its not something I'd usually like but it was pretty cool. 4
The name of our hotel. And some advice if you are ever staying in a hotel in montreal with 3 other people in the same room do not stay here.
The view from me and my friends room. Gorgeous. But it looked a lot better at night.

The olympic towers this happens to be my favorite shot... I think the olympics were held there in '76?ishhh


A full shot/angle

Another angle...

More angles...

Me wearing some Bada** glasses

A view from the tower

From the tower
My only good picture from the botanical gardens not very exciting

3 hearts sculpture

A grass car...cool I know:D

The best picture from my trip:D I'm in a giant bubble:D

I take lots of pictures of my shoes


My only picture of ...well from the Labrynith. I f you are ever in Montreal go, its so much fun!
A view of a few coasters

I went on that, and nothing else

A HUGE wooden rollar coaster, its hard to imagine that EL toro is bigger( we would have gone to that park too but, it was a rainy day)

The most intense rollar coaster in the park... I can't remember the name though...

There is the name of the coaster below

That is right around the end of Goliath. If you look real close you can see the abnoxious people with bright blue tee shirts...those are my friends:D Some people

Though we went to Botanical Gardens I actually think these are from 6 flags

Our last morning at breakfast. We were obsessed with these Jif peanutbutter spread. They were the perfect size to just eat as a snack!...too bad they are no sold in america
Ahh my First View of Home Sweet home... That was actually right at the border...where we had to wait for about an hour, a person walked down the aisle who worked there, and asked us to show an idea& birth cetificate, or passport. A friend of mine forgot his idea. The person who worked there with I dead straight face said "we'll let it slide this time" I know very cliche:D

Though people in Montreal actually do say ehh, they mostly speak French, so many of them are kind of hard to understand... It is a beautiful city, and extremlly clean(atleast downtown)but it smelled to much like cigarette smoke(ick)(sigh...Europeon society...why?). Sorry for such a long post I just wanted to get it done. I don't want to post other stuff now after this. Tommorow I will post My pictures from my beach vacation this weekend. And I will do an outfit post, bye everyone! See ya tomorrow!