Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hands In Your Pockets

These photos were taken on Sunday. I think I'll re-wear this outfit on Thursday. I always have so many problems taking photos on Thursdays because it always dark by the time I get home.
The snow is so deep! I was taking pictures in the most shallowly snowed part of the yard (under all of the trees) and it was over my ankles! The snow is just so high! Actually I was wearing a heel, so it would probably somewhere around my mid-calf or so. And I snowed about 6 inches today and it's supposed to snow 7-11 inches within the next day or so.
I tend to talk about the weather a lot on this blog. Really it's such a huge part of our lives, especially what you wear, so on a style blog, how can we not talk about it? I actually find it kind of fasinating even though it has a reputation of being dull. I like how unpredictable it is. We've unlocked so many secrets and have so many mysteries to discover, but why not leave some alone, why do we have to know everything?

Boots-Rocketdog/Tights-Payless/Skirt-American Apparel/Top-Hand Me Down/Cardigan-Old Navy/Hat-Claires
I wish I could get the same width on the wider photos and the longer ones!
Hehehe! I bit of comic relief from that intense weather discussion!

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