Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some Things I Like Saturday

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first Some Things I like Saturday! They are in no particular order, but anyway, enjoy!

                                                              Favorite movie ever.

                                                               This lovely t-shirt. (Tumblr)

These curly haired portraits I found on Delightfully Tacky, defiantly keeping the bangs after seeing them.

This hysterical photo! (Tumblr)
This hamper from Modcloth

A bloggers dream! (Fredflare)

These woodgrain sunglasses are so cute! I'd been thinking of using some fake wood paper to do this with my sunglasses, but they wouldn't we waterproof. (Fredflare)

Nylon is such a great magazine, not too focused on trends, though there is still fashion. Interesting covergirls, and lots of culture. (Tumblr)

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