Sunday, October 31, 2010

Teenage Dream...

Well by the title, you must have guessed it... I am Katy Perry! For those of you who have been around for a while you might know I have a slight obsession with her...
Love her musci, most say all of her songs soud the same search so of her MTV unplugged live look up her lyrics she writes them all. Actually Teenage Dream is actually one of my least favorite Katy Perry songs, but it is the most recognizable.
MY favorites are....
From "One of The Boys"(her first album) I like...
Mannequin- Quirky, and a great idea.
Ur So Gay- I am pro-gay hands down, but this song is hysterically clever, and really funny!
Thinking of You- My favorite ballad ever. Beautiful song. Lyrics and the vocals are amazing...

And from "Teenage Dream" her second album I like...
Circle The Drain- The coolest song on the album, great bashing very catchy, amazing lyric, the type of song you like the first time you hear it.
Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)- Ultimate Friday night song, I think this one or the one above is my favorite or the one above.
Peacock- Hysterical though its meaning is not what you think..

Enough with my music commentary... :D

I love my costume:D. I actually would wear this in real life even though I just don't do pink. I would even wear the mis-matching socks. I never wear matching ones, I haven't since about 3rd grade. It used to be because I could never find matching ones, now its because I like the way it looks, and I STILL can't find matching ones. Now all my friends do it:D.
Best part of the outfit is the glasses, shame that they are a part of my Halloween costume, might wear them again anyway...

Anway Happy Halloween everybody! Just got back for trick or treating, I know very childish of my:D
I hope you all had fun with your costumes!
*** and to those who don't dress up you are missing out on a lot of funn***
Dress- American Apparel
Cardigan- F21
Leggings-A/X outlet stores
Heels- Payless
Socks- TJMaxx, Betsey Johnson, I feel very... prissy saying it but they were 2 packs of 4 for $4! And... I love Betsey Johnson.
Wig- Party City
Glasses- Party City
Antenna- Party City*** Their purpose was to keep the wig in place.
Now for off topic things...
13 followers people!ooo... now that I said it, it sound kind of eerie. 13, unlucky number, Halloween...
Working on a winter wishlist at the moment. Well.. correct word is winter wishlist/where I want my style to go this winter. I was thinking sequins, flannel, fleece, and tye-die....

Walkin' Through The Woods..

Hello everyone, lets start the show!

This outfit seemed very woodsy to me, I don't know why. Maybe because it was kind of the intention for it that day. Took a trip up to Woodstock, and hung out in the little fanily bungalow, and ate some amazing pancakes!
I think I forgot to tell you all, I got braces. Yay, woopdedo. I'm sure you can all sense my enthusiasm. Though I hate pictures with my braces I loooveee this one!

I think I look like BA here, but yet again, what exactly is my description of a BA.....

One more post today((I hope!)0f my costume.

Shoes- Minnetonka


Shirt-Hand Me Down

Scarf- From my mom's student, she is a teacher.

Sweater- H&M

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Guess Who? Halloween Edition

Not really feeling this outfit today. Just mmm.... it just hmmmm....
Anyway discovered two more plaid shirts in my closet, unfortunatly they are not flannel and they are too small. But they'll do 'till the weather gets really cold.

Only good picture of the day. I have some gords now, maybe I play around with those in my photos???
Plaid Shirt- H&m
Jeans- Hand Me Downs
Shoes- Rocketdog
Tee- Delias ( stolen from my friends closet!)
Scarf- Lord &Taylor.

In Other News...

This is a little sneak peak at my Halloween costume can you guess what I am?
If you can't you'll just have to wait until tomorrow...

Friday, October 29, 2010

This Is Halloween Part I.

I LOVE halloween costumes. Preferably FUNNY Halloween costumes, here are my favorites for the wee lasses and youngsters (and a dog or two!)

1. Goin' Fishing! This is my absolute favorite. I was just going to do babies for this post.Then I saw this.

2. Like A Teeny Little Shrimp. This one kind of reminds me of dressing up a dog. I am really anti- dog dressing up for Halloween (I know that WAS my last photo but that was I had to post...) It really makes me feel bad for the baby. Normally I think baby Halloween costumes are the best thing ever. But this one just does not look like a happy camper.

3. Hound Dog- I started laughing so hard when I saw this. Adorable. No more comments necessary.
*****I have realized this is not a real baby.

4. Cutieee- I don't know what this baby is or what it is supposed to be. Too bad.

5. Watching you.
Not just one, but two, TWO! Babys in costume! Sitting Next to eachother.
Well there is an entertaining post for the day. I really want to post my Halloween costume now because I wore it today, but I think I'll save it for Sunday.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Tehehe! Look at that! A tee shirt look alike. Funny:D Check the link to see how the model wore it, amazing!

Shirt- Mom's closet
Shoes- Minnetonka's
Skirt- F21
Shirt- ?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Through the looking glasses...II

Outfit post. I kind of feel like the outfit posts are getting kind of repetitive. I think I want to mix it up a little bit... maybe do some features...

Shoes- Minnetonka
Tights-Forever 21
Scarf- Vintage

So I Made....
A tumblr! Been in a really "inspiration" mood latley.
And does anybody know how to make a link just a word? Quite curious seen it on a few blogs... Been posting a lot of links latley.
Anyway visit if you please (thats what I sound like on chictopia)

Monday, October 25, 2010

My Favorite Things Monday.

Hopefully A new feature on my blog? Not sure, I hope so though. Well here are 3 things I like right now (not in order)
1. The Spice Girls. Recently got some new songs on my IPod. The spice girls ended up on there. My guilty pleasure when I was about 7.:D

2. Lasers
Learned about lasers in tech today. So cool, figured it would be appropriate for this post. (I have been planning this for a while).

3. Supermarkets
Why? I Don't know. Its kind of weird. Actually Kind of really weird. I like just looking at the variety of things I guess? Then when my mom is buying everything I look at random gossip magazines in the front of the store.

Good Night Everybody! See ya tomorrow! By the way, Any Halloween costumes ? I have mine just curious what everyone else is doing.

Pumpkin Patch.

Discovered my Mom got a pumpkin to keep outside today. Put up the Halloween decorations. (In other words the glow in the dark spider webs!) Going tomorrow to the farm down the street to get maybe one more pumpkin and then some Gords. My Mom kind of has a thing for then. I like them to. She pointed out to me today that they look like they came right out of a Dr. Suess book.:D
Really into my chucks latley. Hard to wear over my skinnies. Ohh Chucks (hahaha punny!) . Peace out my peeps, another ppost today possibly (though I am all caught up, I have some ideas...)
Shoes- Converse
Sweater- Vera Wang Kohls
Belt- That is a great question.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just a Quick Wrap Up..

Listening to Katy perry live... so amazing..
I really suggest you check it out, its my favorite song, and she is actually a star who can sing live. G*d forbid... Really, have you ever seen Foxy__ I mean Miley Cyrus' strippin' song at the kids choice awards. DISGUSTING. One of the reason's I am mentioning this is that I have come to the realization that my blog is just outfit posts. I think I need to branch out just a tad.
Skirt-American Apparel
Shirt- From Hong Kong made in Guatamala
Tights- Forever 21
Sweater- Forever 21
Shoes- Minetonkas
bow- DIY
Seventeen style council, entered. This was one of my picks, it was sort of whimsical...

Afterwards I found out I was only supposed to send one picture, instead I sent 3. Whoops.
Well crossin' my fingers...
Shoes- Rocketdog
Leggings- PJ's shhhh
Tie Dye Tank- Kohls
Scarf- Lord And Taylor
Shirt- Hand Me Down

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not Enough Hours In A Day.

My first post in the morning in a long time. Took this back on Wednesday. One of my best outfits in a really long time. At first I just liked it. And I was thinking of getting the hood to the ol' pleather jacket. and I came across this amazing little scarf...mmmm. I can think of a million ways to style it already.....
***Sorry if any of my photos look akward! There was a HUGE rip in one side of my tights. What a shame any two wears. This week I also ripped a brand new pair of fishnets, and my red polka dotted tights from my last post.. need some new tights. Maybe I'll take a trip over to trarget soon. Recently discovered they have AISLES of tights.

Had a few more posts plan, but screw it. Not enough patience.

***Entering the 17 style concil wish my luck! I have to send in 3 outfits, I was thinking this would be one of them. Maybe something I wear today, or my polka dot dress. And then I would send in some type of pant.

Shoes- Converse, Shirt-Delia's, Skirt-H&M, Tights-H&M, LEggings(undernieth)-H&M,

FLower-H&M, Scarf-grea question, I'll see if I can remember....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wardrobe Remix M.

M is 1000 in Roman Numeral's.
In the past I have done about 30,000 playing catch-ups.
After this post... or the next, I might be able to finally get back to my normal blogging pattern. Enjoy!
No comments for this one, too much to do before bed tonight.
Shoes- Minnetonka
Shirt-American Apparel

For once my tuesday did not suck. I hate tuesdays, always have. Possibly the after,ath of 5 years of hebrew school.
Lots of leaves falling now. and this is just skimming the top of ONE TREE. Just imagine what my yard will be by Halloween...

Good night everybody! Mayeb I'll actuall post again tonight.. not sure yet..
Shoes- Minnetonka
Socks-I.Polka dotted tjmaxx
Jeans- Delia's
Tank- Old Navy
Glasses- Costco.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WELCOME To The First State

Here Are My Two Outfits from my weekend trip to UDel
A Fun Fact: Delaware was the first state. (As you possbily figure to my title.) I think NY is the 13th? Thank you last year's SS.
I am posting this one first because I like it better. Had plenty of better photos, but me my flickr and my photobucket were having some issues today shall we say. Incidentally (and thankfully) this was the only photo from this outfit that uploaded, it happened to be my favorite. I felt like I should have been singing "I'm A Little Teapot" with this pose. I don't know why I loved this outfit so much. Its quite simple. I probably liked it so much because I have been feeling deprived of my moccasins latley. Haven't worn them in a whole week! GASP!
Location:My Brother's Dorm
What a Wonderful way to spend a Saturday. Wow, for once actually there was no pun intended. I say this because very frequently I use puns, in my about me box one of the things I like is "puns".
Mia madre (mad Italiano skills!**I know this because I take Italian as a language in school)
thought it would be a good idea for me to wear her uggs because now my feet are cold literaly ALL the time. They even are right now, but with those shoes on luckly they weren't. We walked around town for most of saturday in town, it was a cute little town, but not my type of place. I don't know why it just wasn't. Then we went to a football game which was kind of cool considering A) I had never been to a football game, B) They were 6 and 0 (now 7 and 0!). Stayed at a hotel, we got there on Friday I had never fell asleep quicker in my life. I put down my book turned on my side and passed out within 10 seconds. Nice hotel, and trust me I've been to a lot of them. This summer I went on the teen tour at camp. We rolled around the East coast on a DATTCO bus (Approx. Virginia-Montreal) visited every 6 flags on the Eastern Seaboard, and stayed in many hotels. We went places from1-4 nights and came home on the weekends.

Sweater-American Apparel
Shirt- From Hong Kong, but made in Guatamala:D
Bag- (Courtesy of my mom's closet!) D&B
Boots- Ugg :P
Scarf-Flea Market

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Quick post before bed...

Long day another picture too from... I think this was... yeah it was thursday. Long weekend in UDel. Would say more, didn't realize the time. Gotta go my minions.. peace out lots of outfit posts to come this week from this weekEND.
/Boots:Minnetonka/Tights:Mandees/Dress:H&M/Sweater:American Apparel/Belt:?/Shades:Panama jack/
ps*** what do you think of my grandma sweater I'm kind of diggin' it:D

Friday, October 15, 2010

Howdee Doo...

Off to UDel we go, brothers college weekend, this was from thursday. Finally got to go to that park across the street I was dreaming of...
Best photo ever. One of my last shots, love it..
I Can't believe I actually wore orange. I really don't like orange, but i was very inspired by the clothes horse(check my blog roll) and I had a pair of orange tights from my cousin, so I was planning to test em, then my mom decieded that night she didn't want this sweater anymore and it worked perfectally!!!
Have a great weekend, back on sunday... possibly...
/Tights:?Hue?/Dress:Pacsun/Bow:F21/Cardigan:Vera Wang (kohls)/Shoes: Minnetonkas

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Like A Rainbow...

Off to school saw a rainbow while taking photos, hence_ title.
/shoes:rocketdog/Skirt:BY ME/Tights:A:X outlet/Shirt:American Apparel/Tank/Glasses:Panama Jack/
ps this it the skirt I finished!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Weight of My Words Are Like, Feathers From A Bird.

Hello everybody! Finally I seem to be caught up with all of my posts! Actually I have one more but I saving that one for the dead of winter when I can't wear those things.
Went to a new photo location today, was going to bike ride there, but my bike is to small, and alas though I am big enough to ride my moms , there was no air in the tires. Though ui really was in the mood to ride a bike, i guess the reason behind it is I'm feeling soo lazy, I haven't done ANYTHING since camp ended, maybe once my dad gest home I'll make him pump some air into that thing so I can ride whenever I please.
It was a beautiful day today, but no crisp cool fall feeling like I was hoping for... sigh... Undeniably beautiful.

Anyway ( I really gotta get a new word) I forgot to say, well half forgot and half didn't want to make it official that I got braces.. Actually on friday, but now I'm finally able to semi-eat. I'm hating the braces life with a burning passion. Just wait 'till tomorrow when the whole world see it.. joy oh joy.
By the way if any of you are wondering about my title today I have a song stuck in my head, and no title, so that = a title! Its one of my favorite songs, written and live preformed by Katy Perry, its called brick by brick. I suggest you check it out.
(search "brick by brick" and click the first link!)
/Dress:Hammy downs/ Shoes:Minnetonka/Leggings: A:X outlet/ Cardigan:DKNY jeans/
*ps- made progress on my skirt, well actually finished the skirt moved onto the shirt, partially cut out, partially sewed, maybe I'll go finish it up after this...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

And Now Your In New York...

Went to Queens today to visit my cousin in Queens. He just moved in, we brought him some old furnerature And luckly a table because I forgot my tripod. Took some pictures while stuff was being moved upstairs.

Finally remastered the jumping shot, I'm sure once I do it at home though it will be an epic fail.
For some reason my mom wouldn't get out of the pictures, but I just caught her jeans.
Had a few more pictures, but my photobucket was not in a good mood today. I am diggin' this outfit today, though I did have something else planned, my mom said "Wear jeans your just going to see your cousin"...sigh.
/Boots:Rocketdog/Jeans:H&M/Shirt:Hammy Down/Shirt: Elle? i think(coutosey of my mom's closet.)/Headband:Icing/
Ps**making a skirt/shirt/dress. Well really just a shirt, and a skirt, and then it will look like a dress. I also have some more fabric, but right now I am working with a blue, and purple, and grey flannel plaid. I was thinking of sewing some of the extra to the back pockets of these jeans...what do you think?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Old Blue Jeans

Finally figured out how to do a picture as a backround (thanks dad) origanlly was going to paste my origanl post back, won't paste, maybe some more things to ponder later today..

/Shoes:Rokcetdog/Jeans:Delias/Plaid Shirt:Hammy Down/Tank:Target/Glasses:Panama Jack/

I Dig It

I'm sooo diggin' this look. Kind of quirky with all off the different prints. Slightly different colors, tights, cowboy boots, a little bit of a 60's vibe with the sweater (my favorite excpet for the one from my last post). I loved all the photos I got from this day too, i was going to use 5, but one did not want to upload to photobucket so here are my favorite 4.
Hmm didn't realize how blurry this one was from further away. Anyway whatever..

Thank you to melrose for commenting on my last photo.

And in other questions, does anyone here watch project runway? I'm quite curious, Its my absolute favorite show, me and my mom watch it every week.. sooo addicting. This season unlike a few of the recent season I feel as if you can really peg who has the talent. I personally LOVE mondo with a burning passion, when I saw him on project rungay (check my blog roll) I almost skipped his page, there was nothing extremly remoarkable about him, except for the way he was dressed. And I had already gone through many of the others. But I guess I was wrong! He is amazing he evokes everything I love about fashion. Quirkyness, color, print-miking, interest, fun, headbeands, bows! Ughhh its sooo amazing, I really do suggest you check out project rungay and see his collection during the top 4(that is how sure I am he is going to make it!) it has POLKA DOTS! Amazingness. Anyway see ya again in a few (this was from wednesday!). go the rest of the week to post..

/Sweater:F21/Hat:Aeropostale outlet/Dress: American Apparel/ Tights: Mandees i think?/ Boots: Rocketdog/

*** the different sizes are dug to my new layout***

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Livin' Life In Moccasins.

I really am "livin' life in moccasins" well... and cowboy boots. Maybe its time to mix it up a little. Though inncidentally i am on the hunt for a furry pair of mocs. to wear through the winter. Also looking for some toasty warm shearling boots without a heel, that ARE NOT uggs and DO NOT resemble uggs... What do you think?

Good night everyone! exhausted I hope to post tomorrow morning!
/Sweater:f21/Leggings:H&M/Moccasins/ Minnetonka/Socks:Betsey Johnson?(tjmaxx)