Monday, February 28, 2011

Upside-Down and Backwards

These were taken on the last day of the weekend, and February break. Actually, just the second to last day of February! Isn't it so weird, it's the end of February already! Seemed like just yesterday I was gushing about 2010 review posts! Actually it still seems a little weird that it's 2011! I'm used to writing it down, but whenever I think about 2009 now, I realize how long ago it was! It doesn't really seem like that long ago though. Certain things just seem like a blur, and so much longer ago then others! And an official sign of the end of February, it rained today. Something non-frozen. I mean, we don't get that much snow here, but it's melting extremely early this year. Usually it doesn't melt until mid March or so. But at this rate all of the snow will be gone by the end of the week.

Though, I am extremely excited for Spring, I feel slightly bitter-sweet about it. Kind of feels like time is passing by so fast, it seems like only a few days ago I was writing a post on the last day of November being so excited for it to start snowing! I mean, it will be back next year, still it just feels so quick now. I am quite thrilled for spring. Today I went outside wearing tights, and a cardigan, and I wasn't really cold. Maybe that's really just the difference of the bitter cold and what it is now. But, to prove my point, my hands weren't cold when I went outside! WOW! That's usually the worst part of going outside without a coat. Even with a coat, I normally don't even wear gloves, I just stick my hands in my pockets! Still, it's a big difference!
*Hehehe, this photo of my shoes was taken at a very odd angle, what I might call upside-down and backwards
Also, I can actually see grass... well dirt, when I was walking around outside today! And instead of crunching snow all the time, sometimes the ground was squishy! So exciting! For a little sneak peak at the this you can see at the corner of this photo. Even with all of my gushing, the snow isn't quite gone yet, still about an inch or two left with some ice underneith.
I think for this spring I'm really into these **Rocketdog mock-cowboy boots again. I was obsessed last fall, and I think I have rekindled my love for them! So perfect for a mix between winter and spring. I could probably even wear them with bare legs (score!) without looking ridiculous. I'm normally not a huge fan of this, no. I'm not a huge fan of shorts, bare legs and boots, I don't necessarily have a problem with bare legs and dresses or skirts. Yet again, I've never tried it before, maybe I'll try it this spring now that I have enough skirts and dresses to do so! Maybe I'll post again later tonight, or maybe not. We'll see!
Shoes & Jacket- Marshall's/Jeans & Top- Delia's/Hat- Claires
** The boots I am wearing I bougt at Marshall's but are Rocketdog brand.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hello I'm Anna, and I'm not sure if I should mention my age on this blog. I will tell you that I am a teenager though, for quite a few more years. Maybe on this blog someday, I won't be a teenager, maybe I'll tell you my age when that day comes ;). I'm a Pisces, but I'm born in February, not March like most Pisces are. I think that Pisces are supposed to be very imaginative, accepting, and indecisive, sounds quite a bit like me. It also said I'm shy, which if you met me in real life, I doubt that would be your first word to come to mind.  I love anything cutesy and or quirky. I love little whimsical things that just make me laugh out loud. This includes my wardrobe, I try not to have one boring day! I love little ironic and funny pieces, such as a lovely cupcake hat (wink wink). I've never been able to decide on a lucky number, I'm way too indecisive about everything. I think that collections are adorable, even though I don't necessarily collect anything. I guess you could say that I collect buttons and ribbons, I've acquired my grandma's button collect with has 100's of buttons, and I just love ribbon, and over time, I've just gotten a lot of it from varies things and occasions.

I go through frequent mini-obsessions with things that I always like, but in random spurts I love. There are certain things I wish i could do such as write music, really, just create things from scratch. I always feel that you need something to start from. Maybe that's one of the reasons I love clothes and style. They are something that already has a basis, but you can build off of it, and make it creative, and fun, and quirky! I love wearing a bunch of patterns at once to make an outfit more spontaneous. I love wearing mis-matched socks. I love interior decor, and little funny accents to a house. I love seeing some type of evolution in a person. Whenever I start to really get into a blog, I always look through their archives to try and get a better feel for them. I love buttons, they're like little treasures! I adore funny names, it can be a first name or a last name, or even a blog name! With blog names, if you have a great name, I will pretty much follow you on the spot :). I'm very opinionated though my opinions can be swayed with a good argument. I love movies, just no horror movies. I'm not really fully and totally obsessed with one thing like some people are, the closet thing I have to that is my Minnetonka's

I adore upstate New York. A few years ago I discovered that my family has a lovely little cabin up there, and I've been wanted to sleepover ever since! I love the easieness of the place. I'm always very... well, not relaxed and I always feel so mellow up there. I love Sweet Sues the pancake place a few minutes away, I love how the town is only 2 blocks long, then it's just woods and a few houses. I love have whenever you drive there, the GPS has the road your driving on then miles of green on either side. Then about 15 minutes away is a lovely little town called Woodstock. it's not the concert, but it is like being transported back to the 60's, so magical! You just walk around there for about an hour and half, then you go back to the cabin. it's very aimless in a way, you have an idea of where your going, but no definate plan.

It's been about a year since I've started this blog now, and I love it. It was such a great decision to do this. It's like having one big collage of thoughts, ideas, outfits, and other pretty things, and followers just add to the fun! Thank you all so much for commenting and following, I appreciate every last one of you, and our support!

***Actually, this was supposed to go in the "about me" section! So please disregard it!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some Things I Like Saturday

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first Some Things I like Saturday! They are in no particular order, but anyway, enjoy!

                                                              Favorite movie ever.

                                                               This lovely t-shirt. (Tumblr)

These curly haired portraits I found on Delightfully Tacky, defiantly keeping the bangs after seeing them.

This hysterical photo! (Tumblr)
This hamper from Modcloth

A bloggers dream! (Fredflare)

These woodgrain sunglasses are so cute! I'd been thinking of using some fake wood paper to do this with my sunglasses, but they wouldn't we waterproof. (Fredflare)

Nylon is such a great magazine, not too focused on trends, though there is still fashion. Interesting covergirls, and lots of culture. (Tumblr)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bows Make Everything Better

A few days ago I aqquired this lovely bow/ribbon, and decided, it deserved a whole post for itself! (these were taken 2/24/11) Not much to say right now, maybe I'll just let the bow speak for itself.

Boots-Moms(vintage)/Jeans-Delia's/Top-Forever21/Cardigan- Hand Me Down/Scarf-Lord&Taylor/Hat-Aeropostale

Went up to Woodstock for the day, I was forced to wear jeans (oh shucks), my origanal intention was to wear an outfit you all had never seen before because the quality of lighting was bad. Oh well, maybe another day. I'll hopefully post some Woodstock pictures later, well, until then!

Click Clack

Guess what? I finally got to wear my moccasins today! My obsession with them deserves a whole post on their own!

Really my trusty 'ol Minnetonka moccasins were my first stand to individuality. About three years ago, you wouldn't recognize me. I'd come to school wearing Sweatpants, and abercrombie tee shirt, but something that was still there, moccasins. I wore them pretty much every single day. Not one comment, no one noticed, but I didn't mind because it made me happy. Then about a year later, I came to school wearing my moccasins (shocker) someone commented about how "super-cute" they were. I thanked them in utter confusion. Then I started to meet other people wearing minnetonka's. There was the explanation, they were becoming popular. I try not to let it upset me, one of my favorite parts about the minnetonka's was how unique they were. At this moment in time, not many people are seen wearing their moccasins, but they do have their fringe boots which are minnetonka brand. As soon as it gets warmer out though, I'm sure people will tuck their Uggs into the backs of their closet's for the spring and summer, then start wearing those moccasins. I'll still wear mine pretty much everyday, but so will everyone else.

I mean, I know I didn't start Minnetonka's, but it's just something I'd always loved for just no particular reason, not because they were popular, or trendy. Since I've worn them for so long, I still think of it as other people copying me (sounds very self-centered, I know) . Looking back on it now, ever since I was little I've always hated people copying me. Whenever we used to do projects and I'd try and think of the most unique thing possible, then someone else would do it, it would always upset me. They say that copying is the best form of flattery, but it most cases I just think, why would you want to copy someone else, wouldn't you want to be an individual.
**Don't I just looked thrilled in these photos?
You can't really expect people not to copy eachother though, it's just human nature. No matter how much I hate it, I find myself copying other people all the time, that's what got me where I am now. I guess you just have to take it and run with it, and just make it your own. No matter how tacky that may sound.

Now there's a smile! In this post, this is a complete opposite direction from where I originally intended to go. I was just thinking about starting off with the click clacking, when you walk these specific moccasions make a click clacking noise, almost like heels. My old one's didn't do that though. I had to stop wearing those probably late August-early Septemeber. They were lovely, but I wore the hell out of those, almost every spring summer, and fall day for about 2 and a half years. Then we decided it was time for a new pair, I loved my old one's, but I love these too. Even if at this point of time I don't wear them that often, they still are my favorite shoes.

/Tights-Marshall's/Dress-Pacsun/Cardigan-Forever21/Bag-Gift/ Scarf-long story/Hat-Claires/Sunglasses- Panama Jack/

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In the Sun

Lately I've been listening to Zooey D. all the time. I would highly recommend it. Her voice is beautiful, and her music videos are perfectly retro. She is one of the people that inspired me to get bangs. Actually, about a month ago, I said I was going to grow them out, but I don't think I will. Will I do a full on bang? No. I think I'l jus make it a sidebang. I pulled them back the other day and I looked so odd! It's amazing how easily we adjust to changes, though that one is a rather small one.

Sorry about the weird lighting, went out to take pictures at 2:45 -ish. All the light was being blocked by the trees, oh shucks, maybe next time.

Shirt- Hand Me Down/Jeans- Delia's/Boots- Canadians/Scarf-?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Built Up

We had some type of mysterious snowstorm yesterday. I heard there was supposed to be only about 2-3 inches, but it ended up being 5-7. I don't necessarily mind it, but I'm so ready for spring! Also, I realized that my photos make my photos look so "suburban" (?). I wish there were a few more rural, or at least prettier locations, maybe like some woods close by. Oh well, you can't have everything.
I've come to the realization I have so many clothes! I don't want to get rid of any of them because what if I was going to wear them? Still, I think I need to do some-sort of a "spring-closet-cleaning". Sounds like a good idea to me, it really might unclutter my room a bit. Which is in desperate need, my room is so messy! It's always been, I guess I'm just a messy person! Even when I clean my room it ends up re-messing itself.
Shoes- Canadian's
Skirt- Homeade
Leggings- Marshall's
Top- A friends
Cardigan- Kohls
Hat- Aeropostale

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Year (And A Day) Today

As I mentioned in my last post, yesterday was my first year blog-o-versery (I'm not sure if that's the proper terminology). Over the past year, a lot of outfits have been shared, and my style has evolved, I've had so much fun! Thank you to anyone who has ever followed, or even just visited this page. Each comment makes my day, and each follow makes my week! Thank you all so much for your support, and I'm excited to start another year of What A Wonderful Weardrobe!

I thought, in honor of this lovely occasion, I would wear the same exact thing I wore when I started this blog. Though, it's not the same shirt, everything else is the same! When I wore this, I had been pondering starting a blog for quite some time, but really, I didn't know how to start. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, I just really needed the inspiration to start it (and my parent's permission!). This outfit really was the beginning of the evolution of the style, and individuality that  has developed. I remember when I wore this, I was so nevous about what other people would think. As if to then answer my thoughts, someone came up to me and asked why I was wearing a skirt. At that point it made me feel horrible, now I couldn't care less. Thanks to you guys and all of your support. Again, thank you all so much!
Shoes- Coach
Skirt- H&M
Top- VS Pink
Leggings- Khaki's
Cardigan- Old Navy

What A Wonderful World

Friday was such a beautiful day!

Apparently all across the colder parts of the country, we had a small heat wave, it was 65 degrees, and it is February! I actually took of my tights later in the day, I wanted to savor the feeling. It wil be quite a while before that happens again. We are currently in the midst, of a rather large snowstorm! We probably got about 5 inches!

It's not that odd that we have a snowstorm in February, but it is kind of odd because, exactly one year ago today we had a huge blizzard. There are some pictures from it here. Do you want to know how i remember this? Well, yesterday was my one year blog-o-versery! I have much more to say about the topic, but that will be saved for a seperate post.

Still, thank you all so much for following, and commenting. I appreciate your support, and it just makes blogging even better! Thanks again, I'll see ya later!
Tights-Lord& Taylor
Skirt and Top- Forever 21
Cardigan- Old Navy
Hairclip- H&M

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lovely Little Shoes

Ah! I'm feeling such spring fever right now! I know I mentioned it in my last post but really, spring please come. Ironically, as I was thinking about it I was asked to take my dog out. I go outside, and it's snowing. No! Opposite direction please. It really suprised me, I just wasn't expecting it. It has been so warm out this past week. I mean, I wasn't even wearing boots over half of the time! Oh well, maybe tomorrow. (Though I was told it was supposed to snow quite a few more times!
I felt so feminine and pretty in this! That's really kind of the vibe I'm diggin' this spring. Very pretty, with more pastels thamn I usually wear, lots of florals, with just the right amount of quirk!

Shoes- Target
Tights- Marshall's
Dress& Cardigan- Forever21

Right Mount' of Leather

I recently acquired this rather lovely pleather jacket. And I realized, I'm not a big jacket girl. I mean, I have a winter coat (I'm not even sure if I've ever even featured it here) but as it gets warmer I leave off the coat and just leave the house in cardigans, and sweaters. This blue pleather jacket seemed to fit perfectly in my closet, actual I had quite a bit of trouble styling it, but I mean in the sense of going well in my closet. It seemed to have just the perfect amount of quirk. I think it's quite lovely. I'm sure you'll see it quite a bit more as spring approaches.
I'm so ready for spring, I think everyone across the blog-o-sphere is (that is if you live in a cold area) . I'm looking forward to leaving my tights at home and just have bare legs, and I want to bike ride, sit outside and read, not have my hair freeze when it's wet (it's happened), and I'm excited for it to be light out when I get home. Trust me, I love winter. But it's been a frigid winter, with atleast 7 snowstorms!

Tights- Mandee's
Skirt and Jacket- Forever21
Hairclip- Walgreens

Friday, February 18, 2011

Piled Up

For those of you who live in colder climates you may know what I mean by this. Do you know how near main roads, parking lots and things like such you see those HUGE snow piles? (For those of you who have never seen them they're probably about 20ft tall) Well, anyway, I've always wondered what would happen if you stood on top of one, an ice-y one, or a soft one. Would you sink into the softer one? Would you just slip and or slide off the ice-y one? They've always kind of fascinated me. For some obscure and irrelevant reason, standing on one is something I've always wanted to do. Maybe some day I'll try with some of the larger ones, I've been on a few minor ones already though. Actually, I have seen a kid sitting on top of a pile one time, but really it seems to me like it would be something I'd need to try for myself.

Now, I have a rather funny story to share that happened while wearing this outfit. Originally, I hadn't intended to share it, but I guess I'm throwing caution to the wind!

Last Friday after school, I went to my friends house to hang out there for a little while. I'm there a lot of the time on Fridays, and as we always do, we went to get the mail. At this point the snow was still in it's stage where you couldn't even sink into it, opposed to now where it is thawing a bit. Anyway we slid across the lawn to go get the mail. Since she has a rather narrow driveway, all of the snow was pushed up against the  mailbox (about 4 feet tall!) so we stood on top of them, and I sunk straight down! I'm talking about up to my waist here! Actually, it was only one leg but still there was some amount of fulfillment there.

I hope you enjoyed listening to my little adventures from that day!

Yes! Remastered jumping shot!

I hope you all have a lovely rest of the day (unless I post again, then I'll see you later!)

Shoes- Mom's/Vintage
Tights- Target
Scarf- Mom's
Top and skirt- H&M

Inside Out and Backwards

Don't you hate those days when you have so many problems getting dressed in the morning. You change so many times that nothing seems right anymore. You just keep trying on everything in your closet and then when your finally done, you find most articles of clothing you own scattered across your room. Looking back on it, I kind of like it now. Then, I despised it. I'm actually considering taking pictures of how many outfits I change out of in the morning! On average, it's only about 2 or 3 times, if I get it right (luckily) 1. Most of the time though, it doesn't happen. Almost everynight, I make somewhat of an "inspiration board" that features one thing I definately want to wear, and a few things in my weardrobe (pun!) next to it. Maybe I'll take a picture of it sometime, actually, I already have! They have never quite worked out correctly because of the bad lighting in my room and it's dark outside, so no natural lighting.

I don't necessarily have a problem with using the flash on my camera (I did in most of these pictures), but really it's just a last resort for me. I'd much rather the natural light, it shows detail a million times better, and it just makes the pictures... Well, with no other way to put this, brighter! Since though on last Thursday (when these were taken), it was pitch black when I got home, thats why I make an attempt to take pictures in the morning. Actually even if it isn't dark when I get home 99% of the time, the lighting is not very good, and does not show any bright color in photos. Or even if it does, trees tend to cast shadows and leave the light looking very, peice-y? Is that the right way to put it?

Boots& Tights- Marshall's
Dress- Hand me down
Cardigan- Target

The Little Things

Ah! It's been ages since my last post, well really not ages, only a few days, but still! It's so hard to be consistant with blogging! Such a lack of time lately, so happy with have off all this week! These photos were from over a week ago now, ah! So crazy! I have atleast a week's worth of posts to do! I'll be busy for quite a while this week. Those little things just keep on building up!
A few days ago I was asked how do I not get sick in the cold. The answer is really, I'm not really sure! I'm not outside for any extensive period of time, just about 10 minutes. For those ten minutes, it is freezing though. Especially since I take pictures in the morning (the lighting is better) it's even colder! On the contrary to what I just said, it was really warm today! It was proabably about 65 degrees out, and it's February! I actually took off my tights today, and I wasn't cold!
Clip& Jeans- H&M
Shoes- Marshall's
Top- Kohl's
Button Down- American Apparel.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

I like Valentines day. Not because of couples and love, I can't really relate to it. This may sound kind of ridiculous... But, I love dressing for the theme days! I love seeing other people dress for it too! It's so hilarious, and perfectly tacky! I really think that about things like St. Patty's day, I'll probably forget about it this year (I did last year too! But luckly I happened to wear green last year!).

Today I decided it was necessary for me to wear my theme bag in honor of the occasion. Little kisses all over it!

I've been meaning to do a shoot in the snow with this umbrella! Why not Valentines day?

Dress- From a friend
Tights-Lord& Taylor
Bow- Ribbon, no literally a ribbon.