Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Lately I've been in the mood to make lots of changes here on What A Wonderful Weardrobe! More just the little things I've never really liked, but still not willing to change, such as the color fonts on my blog roll. Usually the clicked links are only supposed to have a very slight variation, but the colors were way different, and I finally changed it. Also I changed the font. I wanted to do something a little more quirky, but I figured it would be best to stick with something basic. Also I changed the title font, it's my favorite part of all of this! It's so pretty, I love how it looks almost handwritten. Which is nice, especially for a blog to make it seem more real. It somewhat resembles my actual handwriting! Sometime soon, I'm planning on changing my header. I have what I think is a fantastic idea. But I will not be able to do it until March unless I come in contact with the materials needed a bit sooner.
On Friday morning(the days these photos were taken), I straightened my hair! It feels so odd to put my fingers through it. It's not that my hair is normally that tangled, but if you brush curly hair when it's dry, the results are lets say... undesired. It was also kind of odd puting it up in a pony-tail, then taking it down. If I do that with my normal hair, it ruins the curl! It took such a long time to do this. I don't see how people have the patience to do this everyday. I blow-dried it and straightened it, and it's straight. I don't think I'll be straightening it again anytime soon.
Have a wonderful day! I'll probably post again later! (I have a snow-day!)
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