Friday, December 31, 2010


Boots& Tights-Payless/Skirt-Macy's/Top-Courtesy of my Mom's closet/

I was going to do a huge review tonight, of every month of 2010 (whoops just gave away tomorrow's post!) but it just didn't work out that way. Originally, I did not no exactly how to go about do an "end of the year post". Then I decided, I was just going to speak, nothing else. 2010, was a good year. Though I have not had my share of horrible years, I can certainly judge that. For starters, I'm so happy I began this blog, I can't even tell you. I've changed as a person so much, and really I've become more of an individual than I ever have been. And thank you so much for that. Thank you to all of my followers (yes all 14 of you). At first I was kind of disappointed that I didn't get a large amount of followers, then I realized that I do this blog for myself, though followers make it more fun. How did it all start may you wonder? Well...

Just about one year ago...
I was sitting in my basement, waiting to go out to dinner in celebration of the new year (2010 in this case). My dad then came downstairs with the phone in his hand telling me "Your Aunt Beth is calling to wish you a happy new year." I went to go get the phone. We went through our usual hello's, then she started to tell me about a 13year old fashion blogger from Chicago. I listened to everything she said, not to mention the web address of this website and started off to log onto the computer to visit. I typed it in only to meet a girl named Tavi who had a fashion blog named Style Rookie on and began to scroll. I immediately saved this to my favorites list to explore later at my leisure. I still happen to follow this blog which is among the first I started following (The first is Delightfully-Tacky which is still one of my favorites!). Since then I have spent at least half of my computer time exploring the blog-o-sphere. After a few months of this I had been thinking about starting a blog, I had a list of thought out names. I had been badgering my mom's permission for a while, and it was the night before an early declared snow-day. And finally she said yes. And there is What A Wonderful Weardrobe (The spelling mindless spelling mistake is due to my obsession with Weardrobe at the time!) . I hope you enjoyed my story! Now I have to go, I actually have something to do woah.

Happy New Year! See you in 2011! :D

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Theme Of The Week:Dreamcatchers

Theme of the week #3. A day late, but oh well. I usually never keep up with my features, but I really like this one!



Ooo! This might be my favorite theme yet! Maybe I'll add it to the list of things I like...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Comme on le voit à travers des lunettes

Title Means: As seen through glasses (thanks google translator!)
Wow it's almost the end of December already! And in my last post of November I was speaking about how we never have any snow-storms in December ! Boy was I wrong! We just got hammered here, but I heard some places in South Jersey got over 30inches! Wow! I could only dream.
Still a lot of posts to catch up on a picture an hour one too!

SO diggin' this electric blue beret, actually from Paris! one of my friends got it for me a few years back, and I never wore it! Well, I will now!
Hat- Paris
Cardigan and T-Shirt- Forever 21
Skirt- Handmade
Leggings-American Apparel

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Painting In Pastels.

Some bloggers, (probably most) I have noticed almost never have any reference to their title. Maybe it's because I have some sort of thing for great or clever names and titles. For example when I really got into the blog-o-sphere the first site I really got into was Weardrobe (which truthfully is the reason I spelled wardrobe wrong in blogs title, because I visited Weardrobe that much.) I can't remember originally when I found it, but it was my favorite website. Then I started exploring their blog-roll picking and choosing which blogs I would visit purely on how cool their names were. I still do that when exploring any blog-roll. I have found some amazing blogs surfing the web this way, such as Delightfully Tacky (which if I am correct it is the first real blog I ever visited,and still my favorite!) , The Clothes Horse, and Bow Ties are Cool which are a few of my favorite blogs, with great names! Though I have a few other favorites their names are not quite as catchy. When thinking of a name for this blog, I wanted to think of something that I would visit if I was exploring someone else's blog-roll (Though I don't think I am on any one's blog-roll except for one or two). I had a few other ideas for titles, but I felt as if I would grow out of them if I intended to have this blog for a long time. And here I am about 10 months later.

I guess my (hopefully) catchy title has not panned out correctly, I only have 14 followers. But I am just fine with that for now, and I'll see you next post!
Tehehe I was just talking about lack of references to titles, I didn't even mention my own
Reasoning: I feel strange wearing pastels

Hat- Aeropostale

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Completely Cozy.

Well here I be on Monday night, taking especially horrible indoor pictures (I just couldn't get the tripod in the right place.) Which is too bad, I really like this one. It was extremely cozy in my snow day sweater! Maybe I'll get to test it tomorrow, it's supposed to snow! AH! I adore the snow, we really don't get too many big stroms until about January-February. Maybe there will be one on my birthday this year? Last year we had a double snow day from February 25th-26th, and my birthday is the 24th. Sigh, maybe this year.

I wonder if someday I'm going to look back at this period of my time on the blog-o-sphere and think I sound ridiculous. Probably, I think that about myself last May. Which, now that I think about it, it was actually a while ago. I keep on thinking that it was pretty recent. Well, who knows? Maybe I'll post again later? Who knows, well I should there are about 5 posts in my archives from last week I still have to do, not including today! Yet again, I have used the computer long enough for this morning, and it is time to sit down with a good re-read by the heater(I am an avid re-reader). Yes that sounds like a better plan! I hate doing back to back posts anyway.

Shoes-Minnetonka: Dress& Leggings-American Apparel: Cardigan-Marshall's: Hat-Macy's

Friday, December 24, 2010

Living In The Past.

Did you know that we are never actually living in the present. Not pessimistically, but scientifically. We see things 1/4th of a second in the past. SO for example when I take a picture, and a click a button to veiw it, it takes a second for it to load, but in reality it is already loaded I'm just waiting for my brain to process it. interesting huh?
Fascinating is a better word, most who read this probably won't find it interesting, but I don;t even like science, but I think it's quite a captivating concept... living in the past... hmmm.
If you are wondering how I captured myself taking a picture. Then here is the explaination.
So. I was home all day then and was browsing through obscure tumblrs, and if you follow my tumblr you know my obsession with pictures of people taking pictures (there is just no way to sound articulate while saying that!)so I decieded to try for myself. I grabbed my OLD camera, suprisingly it still takes pictures, because it sort of kind of exploded if that is the correct way to put it. It is being held together by a rubber band. The red camera that you see is the camera I normally use. Exlaination Done.
Skirt-American Apparel (I've been having trouble styling this and the green one.)
Top- Hand Me Down
Scarf-Lord& Taylor
Tights-Betsey Johnson
Camera- Canon Powershot SD780 IS

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Long Time Coming.

Winter break starts tommorrow, finally! I could do an outfit post tonight, but I am frankly too exhausted. So here is my favorite picture(so far) this week. I felt oh so very cozy in my ultra-plush leopard print bathrobe. Maybe I'll post a picture of it sometimes, actually I will post a picture of it sometime, though recently aqquired it is much loved.
Flickr account has 170 photos, at 200 I need to "upgrade to Flickr pro for only $2 a month!" woah, thrilling. I am definatly not doing that, so I just hope that photobucket won't run out!

Theme Of The Week:Florals In Winter

Well, well, well... Look who is keepingup with her features! Well Here is my theme of the week "Florals In
Winter"! As for next week, we'll see.
                                                                            Here  ^

                                                                          Here  ^

                                                                               Here ^

                                                                           Here ^
                                                                         Here  ^

Monday, December 20, 2010


Lunar eclipse tonight at 12:00AM, will I be staying up? I would sure like to... I don't know, I guess we'll see. It's supposed to be the first time in 400 years that there will be a red moon and a luner eclipse in the same night? Or something similar to that.

Photos taken on Friday:

Before I pass out from exhaustion (How will I see the eclipse with that attitude!) Good night to you all...
Cardigan-Courtesy of my mom's closet
Scarf- Lord& Taylor
hat- Found in the coat closet.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hmmm... Does this look familiar to you. (If not I mentioned it Here a few months ago on the blog-o-sphere.

Looks just like me huh? :D About two sizes to big, but it looked just like me, how could I not get it!Wow, I sounded like a shoppaholic there.

A closer look at the shirt. Be prepared many months from now when it gets warm, you will see me wearing the same outfit as the girl in the shirt, while wearing the shirt.

These photos are from Thursday:
Found a hat in the closet that day, maybe it will not be the end of new things for the week? Hint Hint for Friday's post. I know very suddle! Did I say I was going to write more for this post? Hmmmm I guess not, whenever I try to write something forcefully I tend to blabber. Do other bloggers do that too? Not sure, I see other bloggers all the time saying that they don't have a lot to say for that post and make 4 paragraphs out of it. I don't know how they do it... Sometimes I just don't have anything to say around the blog-o-sphere, in the early days of this blog, I always wrote a TON about just anything, now I talk a little about my day, a little about my outfit, a little something random... and wellah! An outfit post!!!

Shirt& Cardigan- Forever 21
Hat, you will find out next post...

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'...

Hi everybody! Long time no speak!

Took me alll week to post these, would have posted yesterday, but I didn't get home 'till late!

Anyway these photos from Yours Truely are greating you straight from Wednesday! LOved this one, my mom hated it though, said "it doesn't match", but really isn't that the fun in it!

No serious talk today for me, just mindless chatter....

Except for I got a new pair of boots, just a cheapy pair from playess, because many of my boots are hard to wear with skirts and dresses because they are rather... large on my feet and can only be worn with certian things. Except for my cowboy boots! But unfortunatly those don't match everything... Well they come pretty close. So I'll post again later and maybe I won't just be blabbering! Bye!



Skirt-Forever 21




Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Theme of the Week:Coziness.

Hi there! I think I have a new feature on this blog (I hope usually my "features" are very inconsistant) This one is called "Feature of the Week" Which will feature 5 or 6 pictures courtesy of my tumblr each week. If you would like the link to any of these pictures just click "here" below each picture! Enjoy!
***The theme of the week is coziness. Which I will never get enough of! origanally I had two more but those just gave me an idea for next week so now, enjoy!



Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Went to Forever 21 over the weekend, and THEY HAD THE HAT! AHHH not the one I showed you it's similar but this is the one I really love. I think I have enough hats for the season now! I also got this little sacrf been on the hunt for the perfect cozy oversized scarf, coudl this be it? I don't know it depends on how else I style it.
At school I despised this outfit, then when I got home I decieded I love it because I love this hat and scarf so much. But the hat is even better!
Actually I have one more purchase to wear, maybe it will be tommorrow? I'm not sure I had quite some trouble styling it today. :D
You'd never know but it is extremly hard not sitting in the snow while bending over trying to take the perfect half-face shot for a hat. Who knows? Maybe this is an honorary thing for all of my hats:D. Well that was a horrible comment please forget I said that I am blabbering, because I am exhausted.

And I almost forgot, when I woke up there was snow on the ground! AHHH! So, my mom normally wakes me up for school at about 6:25, it takes me 2 or 3 minutes to get up. This morning she walks in I wake up, she looks out my window and says "Oh There is snow on the ground" (or something like it) I shot out of bed and looked out the window. What a good start to the day!
Hat& Scarf-Forever 21
Tights& Shirt-Marshall's
I am I the only blogger who shops at marshalls?(random, I know) I have never seen a blogger ever wear marshalls before. and I have read a lot of blog. Who know? See ya tommorow anyway and good night!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sweet Tooth.

Recently I aqquired this adorable hat from Neff on which I intended to put on my winter wishlist, from my best friend as a holiday gift.

*A close up of me in the hat!
I will edit later but not enough time now!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

What A Wonderful Weekend!

Geez... Gotta stop with these "what a wonderful" titles huh?
Changed back to my old size? Not sure about it.. Some opinions? This one or the smaller one... I know, what a dilemma.
It was a very fun weekend actually, a long weekend, well with the addition of one day.
Went shopping this weekend at Forever 21 and I have some tricks up my sleeve... Well not really just a couple of ideas. Anyway good night! Gotta go get ready for bed! I would write more otherwise... or maybe I'm all worded out from my last post? Who knows!

Shoes-Minnetonka (I meant to wear my Canadian's but they were not within a 2ft radius to me)
Leggings- Marshall's
Sweater-Forever 21
Actually I entered the Holiday Sweater contest on Chictopia! I doubt I'll ever win, teheheh:D But there's no harm in trying!

PS.. Thank you mom for taking my pictures today when I didn't feel like getting my tripod!

What A Wonderful, Winter, Day.

Though it was not snowing... Wait I think it actually might have been flurrying(it was Friday night, I know what a social life)Anyway, It seems like a cozy little number to me.
That night I slept over a friends house, got home in about 2 in the afternoon. I went upstairs I put on different clothes(PJ Pants, A tee and a cardigan). Then I went on tumblr. I am constantly finding wonderfully cozy things to reblog, and I found something that looked really warm. Then I remember the purpose for this sweater. Ridiculously enough, I call it my "Snow Day Sweater" because of its extremly soft and snuggly (Is that a word? I seriously doubt it). Strangly though I've been having some trouble styling it, I used to wear this color constantly, but yet again my style and the way I dress works in phases, One part is Quirky and colorful and bright on color overload, one is cozy and simple with little touches... or atleast I think it is. ***And for the record those are not Uggs just my slippers. I refuse to buy a pair or wear them out of the house. But... Guilty as charged I do steal my Mom's on Snowday's.;D
It's strange I used to wear Uggs just about everyday of my life (Well that's exagerating) but I did wear them through almost the whole winter of 6th grade, last year I wore them occasionally because they still fit, and semi-resembled moccasins. But they are jsut so generic now. It's so boring. It's even worse after the winter holidays after everybody comes back wearing their "super-cute" pair of "unique and trendy" Ugg boots. This year to my horror, there will also be moccasins. :( I love moccasins (specifically Minnetonka) but now they are classified as "super-trendy" which is extremly depressing meaning that after winter break they will no longer be unique what-so-ever. Hell, they're not unique now. In 6th grade in the um, bad (shall we say) days of my style my moccasins were my saving grace. The only thing that made me unique, now if I came in wearing a pair, I just be dull. Really though I wore those moccasins everyday, my old black booties with the fringe, and my peace sign ones, they never got one comment after about a solid year wearing them, just before they became sort of popular, someone said "I love your shoes they're really cute" I thought it was kind of strange but I just kind of forgot about it. Now, My friend recently got a pair of moccasins, Ugg moccasins, she said "You'll be so rpuud of me I got a pair of Ugg moccasins!". She only likes them because they are super-trendy... not even real moccasins... sigh. And there are more people, but I have typed enough about my friends wearing moccasins, and I remember this very distinctly.
For example, for tech class this year (it's like woodshop) you have to bring in a shoebox to keep materials in, I brought in a Minnetonka one assuming that no one else would ever bring one in.
And I sit next to this girl I am kidn of friends with. Then she started talking about how Minnetonka's are super-cute, and how she is asking for a pair for Christmas, so disapointing, and the girl next to her joined in the coversation and said she is asking for a pair too. I wonder how stuff like this doesn't bother people, it has always bothered me for the longest I can remember (not the moccasins but just in general).
Wow I didn't mean to write nearly that much, I guess it's good I've been having a loss for words on this blog latley. And I suggest if you read my little rants you get ready for me to rant a hall of a lot more after winter break. Thank you for reading today, bye!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Thank you mom for my title today. She really suggested "Girl With Hat" But then I said hmmm it needs something. And wellah! A non-tacky humorous title!
My posts have been feeling a little half-hearted lately. As have my outfits. Usually every now and then I really like something but its been kind of blah. Which is strange I usually love December.

Okay time to go everybody!Brace yourself, I might actually post this weekend. Woah.
Leggings-American Apparel
Skirt-Forever 21