Monday, January 10, 2011

You and Your Western Ways...

Today, I was origanally going to do this whole paragraph or two on some thoughts I've been having for quite some time which have really been brought to the front of my mind by some other bloggers. Then I decided, I just wasn't in the presence of mind to do so. I was A. Putting too much thought into it, if I put in to much thought I end up seeming like I'm trying too hard. And B. The topic just makes me a little uneasy and confused therefore it will be left for another day. I'm sure I've said this only about a couple of other topics before. One of those times being a month or two ago which pretty much consisted me ranting about Uggs. They are in my opinion generic, boring, and most of all repetitive. Maybe that intertwines with them being generic? Hmmm not quite sure, but they are extremly repetitive. To avoid being repetitive is part of my motives for wearing or not wearing certain things such as Uggs and also sweatpants. Don't get me wrong, I adore wearing sweatpants and Fuzzy Pants a.k.a Fleece pajamas but do I think they exude having any type of individuality or personal style? No, but if you would like to wear them go ahead... I hate to admit this, but it does make me irritated to see it still no matter how many times I say "To each his own"

Now to get off that topic, I've been trying to make 'em sound a little different. If I'm being honest here, a little more witty? No thats not quite the right word, maybe more suddle, but when you look at it, it seems kind of clever the way you put it together? Maybe thats better. I sure hope so!

Now, after many missed and forgotten National Days (EX: Here) I have a whole slew of them to catch up on. But I guess this is really expected, I never keep up on my features. Maybe it's impatience, maybe forgetfulness. January 5 is …Bird Day

January 6 is …Bean Day

January 7 is …Old Rock Day

January 8 is …National JoyGerm Day and Man Watcher's Day

January 9 is … Play God Day

January 10 is … Peculiar People Day

January 10th, you possibly have the most amazing "day" EVER!

Wow, the beginning of this post it was so wordy, not in a bad way, just filled with a lot of thoughts. As it got toward the end, it became very lighthearted! Well, I am an optimist, more accurately I am as optimistic as can actually happen, so a positive realist? I guess I am! I just find that their are enough bad and negative things in the world people just need to look On the Bright side...;D.
Boots-Vintage/Courtesy of my mom's closet
Skirt-H&M (look familiar? The black skirt is from the same place!)
Top-hand me down

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Madelyn said...

I love you're blog! You're outfits are so much like my kind of style, and they're from affordable places! I'm definatly gonna follow :)