Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rock& Roll, Baby.

I always feel very bad ass, rock& roll when I wear my pleather jacket. The plaid and the cowboy boots just amp up that feeling about a million times. Though, I do not think that rockers drink tea, wear glasses, and have fashion blogs. But oh well, I'll just live out my rock-star life through fantasy.
Same goes for any type of famous life. I'll happily live those through my fantasy. It must be extremely frustrating not even being able to walk out of your house without being attacked by the paparazzi, being suspected of dating another star, or even worse, a normal person. But the worst part must be the hate. When your famous you have to be prepared for people who have never met you and know almost nothing about you to despise you openly. Though a lot of people don't care what other people think of them. Just about everyone really does, because it is pretty much human nature to do so.

But truly an honesty if you could, would you be famous? I'm not sure if I would. There are just so many cons. But there are a few pros. For example, imagine being recognized for the first time in public, or hearing your own song on the radio. That must be the most amazing feeling. But who knows?

I'll see ya later for more catch-up posts and more 2010 wrap up posts... Actually the first one;D
Boots-Rocketdog (Coincidentally, from Marshalls!)

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