Monday, January 17, 2011

Strike A Pose

Recently on my trust companion (a.k.a my camera) I discovered a little feature with a 10 second time and it takes 3 shots. On my first set of shots, I tend to forget I put it on the 3 shot thingy (articulate, I know) I have a ready pose, I stumble a bit, then do a mediocre pose. On my second set of shots, I have two ready poses, and one of them just tends to look like one of the photos I've already taken. During the spring, and summer, and fall, I think I'll just stick to the plain 10 second timer. In this weather though, it just is a lot more practical because it is intensely cold out there for my hands, feet (even with two pairs of socks!), and if I'm wearing tights. Also because, I hate getting snow on my jeans, leggings, in my shoes or boots. Though it is still pretty darn cold, we've been having somewhat of what my mom called a heatwave. In other words instead of the usual 28-32 degrees it is between 32 and 42 degrees. It's kind of interesting to think of there being a heatwave in the middle of the winter, but I guess it is a pretty accurate way to describe it.

Really though, if my mom hadn't mentioned it, I probably wouldn't even caught it getting slightly warmer for a few days unless it reached over 40. These days it's in the mid 30's. Tonight though, it's supposed to be freezing! Well, really I don't know the temperature, but I'll assume because if I'm correct it's supposed to snow tonight, freeze, then leave a sheet of ice in the morning'.
Weird, I just talked about the weather.
Well, these were taken on Saturday, I've been wearing a lot of jeans lately. Actually on Saturday I went out to get some new jeans, I don't think I had gotten a new pair since July.
I've been missing lots of posts lately. I need to re-wear an outfit to take pictures of it. Since I wore it last Tuesday I wouldn't bother at this point, but I really liked that one. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow (probably not) along with those 2010 posts I never got to, which I was going to do this morning, but got caught up looking at bedroom ideas, I'm ready to mix it up. That really say a lot, I normally hate changing the way things are set up!
Boots- Mom's/Vintage
Shirt-Hand me down
belt- A friends
Cardigan-Old Navy
Hair Piece- DIY
* I recently got some feathers from Ac Moore to make headbands, then realized I didn't have a hot glue gun! That day I also got some barrettes and hair clips. One of the barrettes matched this peacock feather thing I'm wearing, and a clip matched another feather piece, so it all worked out alright! You'll be seeing it later this week!

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