Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tres Chic!

I actually loved this one! Nice change of pace huh?

I was planning this one all week! I would have worn it sooner, but we only had a 3 day week. So.
Since I just posted probably less than an hour ago. I don't necessarily have too much right now. But if you would like, scroll down for a surprise!

Scarf- DIY(really it's just a piece of fabric, and I tied it in the back!)

I got bangs! I kind of loving them! They make me feel very chic! Tres Chic maybe? I kind of feel like Zooey D. or Delightfully Tacky! I'm so excited about them! I now must aquire a straightener now for my bangs! Have a nice few hour, I might do my first DIY post today! I'll see you later!


K_E_O_S_H_A/Amro said...

I love picture 4 =DD
WOW! bangs looks awesome on you , you look French =DD
yeah straightner and you're Francis =P

TC said...

love this outfit! treschic is the name of my blog!! haha