Saturday, January 1, 2011


Though you may or may not have gotten the message from my last post, still, Happy New Year! It's now January 1st 2011 which makes it 1/1/11! Dates like this always sound so interesting. Such as 6/6/06, 7/7/07, 8/8/08...etc. I think these are supposed to be Devils Days if I am correct. I wonder where the origin of this came from. Maybe I'll look it up later.
Early in December, I came across a list of what special event or theme each day of the year has (if that makes sense?) . Today has the wonderful privilege of being
First Foot Day and Z Day!
I wonder exactly what they mean by "Z Day", Perhaps they mean the letter Z? What else could it be? It would be kind of ironic to have a day for the last letter of the alphabet on the first day of the year.
I think this is the latest time I have ever blogged. 10:10PM, I know I'm a rascal. I really don't stay up that late, and if I do, I usually don't spend it on the computer.

***Itch Itch
Did you guys do anything on New Years Day? It has been brought to my attention that most people don't, or maybe friends of mine just don't. Who knows?
Wow, I've had a lot of random questions on this blog. Actually in real life too. I should start making a list of random questions I come up with. A few on mine today were
"Where did the tradition of Christmas lights originate from?"
"How do skunks see in the dark?"
Would any of you wonderful readers happen to know the answers?

Ah! I lost my shoe in a jumping shot! The camera took the picture in perfect time to see my shoe flying, and my foot in the air! Hehehe, I got some other great bloopers from this shot (specifically jumping shots, not failed but awkwardly placed)maybe I'll post them another day, after my posts are all caught up, which just about never happens. Well really that's exaggerating, but it only happens on rare occasion. Anyway I'll see you tomorrow. A lot of posting to do, and a lot of 2010 favorite features and such. See ya then!
Dress- Forever 21
Once again happy new year, and wishing you all an amazing 2011!

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