Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy We MET.

(12/30/10)A few days ago me and the family took a trip over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
A pretty killer bag I acquired a few weeks ago.
We spent a great deal of time in the ancient Egypt exhibit. Very intriging culture.

Well there you go! Not to much commentary on my part today. Sometimes I just don't feel like chatting in my posts. I'll see you all later and have a Wonderful (;D) Day!
Cardigan-Old Navy
Hat- Claires
Bag- Gift

1 comment:

K_E_O_S_H_A/Amro said...

Totally AWESOME!
I live in Egypt btw , but i never go to any meseum =/ im crazy as hell =PP
Your Outfit is Great colors are hugging togeither , and that bag is uber COOL!