Tuesday, October 19, 2010

WELCOME To The First State

Here Are My Two Outfits from my weekend trip to UDel
A Fun Fact: Delaware was the first state. (As you possbily figure to my title.) I think NY is the 13th? Thank you last year's SS.
I am posting this one first because I like it better. Had plenty of better photos, but me my flickr and my photobucket were having some issues today shall we say. Incidentally (and thankfully) this was the only photo from this outfit that uploaded, it happened to be my favorite. I felt like I should have been singing "I'm A Little Teapot" with this pose. I don't know why I loved this outfit so much. Its quite simple. I probably liked it so much because I have been feeling deprived of my moccasins latley. Haven't worn them in a whole week! GASP!
Location:My Brother's Dorm
What a Wonderful way to spend a Saturday. Wow, for once actually there was no pun intended. I say this because very frequently I use puns, in my about me box one of the things I like is "puns".
Mia madre (mad Italiano skills!**I know this because I take Italian as a language in school)
thought it would be a good idea for me to wear her uggs because now my feet are cold literaly ALL the time. They even are right now, but with those shoes on luckly they weren't. We walked around town for most of saturday in town, it was a cute little town, but not my type of place. I don't know why it just wasn't. Then we went to a football game which was kind of cool considering A) I had never been to a football game, B) They were 6 and 0 (now 7 and 0!). Stayed at a hotel, we got there on Friday I had never fell asleep quicker in my life. I put down my book turned on my side and passed out within 10 seconds. Nice hotel, and trust me I've been to a lot of them. This summer I went on the teen tour at camp. We rolled around the East coast on a DATTCO bus (Approx. Virginia-Montreal) visited every 6 flags on the Eastern Seaboard, and stayed in many hotels. We went places from1-4 nights and came home on the weekends.

Sweater-American Apparel
Shirt- From Hong Kong, but made in Guatamala:D
Bag- (Courtesy of my mom's closet!) D&B
Boots- Ugg :P
Scarf-Flea Market

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