Monday, October 25, 2010

My Favorite Things Monday.

Hopefully A new feature on my blog? Not sure, I hope so though. Well here are 3 things I like right now (not in order)
1. The Spice Girls. Recently got some new songs on my IPod. The spice girls ended up on there. My guilty pleasure when I was about 7.:D

2. Lasers
Learned about lasers in tech today. So cool, figured it would be appropriate for this post. (I have been planning this for a while).

3. Supermarkets
Why? I Don't know. Its kind of weird. Actually Kind of really weird. I like just looking at the variety of things I guess? Then when my mom is buying everything I look at random gossip magazines in the front of the store.

Good Night Everybody! See ya tomorrow! By the way, Any Halloween costumes ? I have mine just curious what everyone else is doing.

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