Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Livin' Life In Moccasins.

I really am "livin' life in moccasins" well... and cowboy boots. Maybe its time to mix it up a little. Though inncidentally i am on the hunt for a furry pair of mocs. to wear through the winter. Also looking for some toasty warm shearling boots without a heel, that ARE NOT uggs and DO NOT resemble uggs... What do you think?

Good night everyone! exhausted I hope to post tomorrow morning!
/Sweater:f21/Leggings:H&M/Moccasins/ Minnetonka/Socks:Betsey Johnson?(tjmaxx)

1 comment:

Melrose said...

I was gonna say check out minnetonka but then i saw your outfit labels!
delia's has a couple of cute pair though!