Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Forgotten Photo.

Only one photo for my post today. Forgot to upload the other...well, not forgot, I just forgot to upload the other. In other news... I hae aquired a new bow! (not the one in the picture) the one I have now is actually a pin! GASP!
Just a casual outfit today, went shoppin with a friend, one new purchase out F21(we were there for about 3 hrs.) Its quite amazing! And its purple, and I don't wear purple to often.. And it also came with a bow...
In more exciting news... I think I may have 2 regualr followers!I am not sure but either way....
/Boots:Rocketdog/Leggings:H&M/Plaid Shirt: Hammy-Down/Tee Shirt: Courtesy of my mother's closet/Belt:?/

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