Monday, October 11, 2010

The Weight of My Words Are Like, Feathers From A Bird.

Hello everybody! Finally I seem to be caught up with all of my posts! Actually I have one more but I saving that one for the dead of winter when I can't wear those things.
Went to a new photo location today, was going to bike ride there, but my bike is to small, and alas though I am big enough to ride my moms , there was no air in the tires. Though ui really was in the mood to ride a bike, i guess the reason behind it is I'm feeling soo lazy, I haven't done ANYTHING since camp ended, maybe once my dad gest home I'll make him pump some air into that thing so I can ride whenever I please.
It was a beautiful day today, but no crisp cool fall feeling like I was hoping for... sigh... Undeniably beautiful.

Anyway ( I really gotta get a new word) I forgot to say, well half forgot and half didn't want to make it official that I got braces.. Actually on friday, but now I'm finally able to semi-eat. I'm hating the braces life with a burning passion. Just wait 'till tomorrow when the whole world see it.. joy oh joy.
By the way if any of you are wondering about my title today I have a song stuck in my head, and no title, so that = a title! Its one of my favorite songs, written and live preformed by Katy Perry, its called brick by brick. I suggest you check it out.
(search "brick by brick" and click the first link!)
/Dress:Hammy downs/ Shoes:Minnetonka/Leggings: A:X outlet/ Cardigan:DKNY jeans/
*ps- made progress on my skirt, well actually finished the skirt moved onto the shirt, partially cut out, partially sewed, maybe I'll go finish it up after this...

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