Sunday, October 10, 2010

And Now Your In New York...

Went to Queens today to visit my cousin in Queens. He just moved in, we brought him some old furnerature And luckly a table because I forgot my tripod. Took some pictures while stuff was being moved upstairs.

Finally remastered the jumping shot, I'm sure once I do it at home though it will be an epic fail.
For some reason my mom wouldn't get out of the pictures, but I just caught her jeans.
Had a few more pictures, but my photobucket was not in a good mood today. I am diggin' this outfit today, though I did have something else planned, my mom said "Wear jeans your just going to see your cousin"...sigh.
/Boots:Rocketdog/Jeans:H&M/Shirt:Hammy Down/Shirt: Elle? i think(coutosey of my mom's closet.)/Headband:Icing/
Ps**making a skirt/shirt/dress. Well really just a shirt, and a skirt, and then it will look like a dress. I also have some more fabric, but right now I am working with a blue, and purple, and grey flannel plaid. I was thinking of sewing some of the extra to the back pockets of these jeans...what do you think?

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