Saturday, October 2, 2010

Good Morning!

I felt like a total badass in these pictures. Yet again I always feel like a badass with these glasses. I can only pull off the "I"m cool" type of thing with these glasses it seems. I was also wearing the red leather jacket in hand in a photo. I almost posted it but I liked these two better.
Good Morning people! Today it is not raining:d, though I do love the rain, it has been raining all week. The weekend is supposed to be sunny, then back to rainy days. By the way to those of that read this blog I suggest that if you read what I have to say, please start with the title. Its always an explanation for the first line in my post. Anyway(wow I say that a lot) If any of you have any friends, like any bloggers, or you yourself have curly hair, I might feature you on my new feature Curly Girly!

This week though I loved most of my outfits, I feel like I'm in a DIFFERENT style rut,(instead of polka dots) I feel as if I have been wearing a lot of red, and black, and grey latley. Also I feel like I'm getting back into plaid, though I have no desire to buy any, I like the plaid flannel shirts I have. Trying to figure out how to style the other(you have never seen it). And to think, I almost through this little baby out...Anyway time to go more thoroghly enjoy my mornin'. Possibly by drink some chamomille tea, reading some vintage magazines I recently aqquired (circa. 60's and 70's) And maybe reading another chapter in my annual harry potter re-read. I re-read Harry Potter every year in honor of Halloween. On the 5th or 6th chapter in the first book. Probably will be done by the end of the weeked... Only 300 pgs. Pretty short for Harry Potter.

Well, that sound like a good morning to me:D

/Jeans:Hammy Downs/Plaid Shirt: Hammy-Downs/ Shoes: Minnetonka/Belt: Vintage/ Shirt: Bat Mitzvah/Leather jacket: Vintage/

ps*** thinking of doing a new header, with my own photo for once:D What do you think?

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