Friday, September 3, 2010

Pretty Things to Look At

I will be holding up from outfit posts for the next...well unitl Tuesday. It is because A. I will not be home all weekend, and B. I would like to have all of my nicer clothes clean in my drawers on tuesday, not in my Hamper. Anyway, if I get to it on Monday I might post more pretty things.

The cutest thing, and my backround all october

Gorgeous and in honor of fall

Possibbly the cutest sketch I have ever seen, too bad I can't read it...

That chalklboard wall is taunting me, I've wanted to do it for years!(halfway somewhere)

Wow. (Flikr)

Bows and sparkles on clothes, my type of picture (the Cherry Blossom Girl)

Adorable little room.(halfway somewhere)

B-e-a-utiful.( The cherry blossom girl)

photo of a beach from above very cool.

Bows... (k is for Kani)

Someday I will have a kitchen like this.(The Dainty Squid)

A crator(Thats what I think it is). (halfway somewhere)
more pretty rooms.

An entire forest instead of being filled with a carpet of grass, it is filled with a carpet of bluebell flowers.

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