Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Time is A-Waistin'

Though the title of my post today was meant to be punny, it is true time is a-waistin', the first day of school is one week from today. Joyfullness. Anyway... yesterday I actually had a social life(GASP)! here was my outfit from yesterday

About my 20th attempted jumping shot, I just can't seem to do them anymore...
No idea what I was aiming for here...
Me trying to look like the "I don't care"Badass, for once, not an epic fail.BUBBLES!
tehehe, you can actually see the bubbles.
That was my bubble case thingy...It was an ice cream cone.:D
Latley I've seen a lot of bloggers doing features. I think its a great idea, I attempted it, but I don't have enough patience to follow through, I tried to do breakfast stuff, I was gonna do a photo friday, Maybe some other stuff too, but I've started to realize maybe features are not the right move for me.
Shoes- Minnetonka
Shorts- Thrifted
Tee- Technically thrifted, really stolen from a friends closet.
Belt- ?
Headband- (belt)Gift box?

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