Monday, September 6, 2010

Summers Last Hoorah

Last weekend is what I cosider summers last hoorah. Woodstock on Friday with my mom and my aunt. the beach on Saturday and sunday with a bunch of friends. School starts tommorow. It kind of has a bitter-sweet beginning. I'm excited to have something to do, and to see people, and why I'm unhappy is...well do I really need to explain? Anyway here are some of my pictures from woodstock, hope you like them!

This whole shelf was very pretty, my mom told me not to touch ANYTHING.:D
The ferris wheel on the shelf.
Another angle...
The little people on the ferris wheel.

More tiny people!
I saw these odd bicycle statues all around the town, I found them very intriguing.

A whole store filled with beautiful handblown glass. Once again I was told not to touch anything.
Hippie flags.
There was a whole little flea market we discovered. There was a bathroom right nextdoor, my mom and aunt were shocked.
My favorite pic...nope nevermind!

OHH crap! I forgot to upload the picture...o well.

i think these were some vintage hooks of somesort, whatever they weres, they were great for taking pictures.
Hahaha, very funny.
Old records, not a great angle though...
A frog. There werea few others but this photo was the best. One of the best stores we went to all day.I got a great woodstock poster. It would have been the best for pictures too but, there was a "NO CAMERAS" sign. Read all the signs closer.:D, by the way I think this was an origanl woodstock poster, they actually had one for sale but I ended up getting a different one.

Here comes the sun

After our little trip to Woodstock we headed to A little pancake house for lunch in Phonecia (upstate NY), it was called sweet sue's. The best pancakes mmm... I seemed like an apropriate place for the show Diners, Drive ins and Dives.
Our homade maple syrup, and butter. I really only know maybe two people who actually like butter on their pancakes...
I took one pancake from my aunts plate(buttermilk and blueberry)(they give you 3), and one from my moms(raspberry and whole wheat) Suprisingly(thought they were both amazing!) The whole wheat was better.
Then for maybe an hour or so, we headed up to our whole family's little house right outside of phonecia. It is one of those places were you sit down with a cup of tea and just fall asleep, I probably would have but the hammock was locked inside... And we didn't have a key, so we jsut sat on the front porch.

Around the yard.
A pear tree in the front yard

The front of the house.
Me in the middle of the street. It is one of thoses places were NO ONE ever drives on the street except for the people that have houses there. It was extremly peacefull and beautiful, And it is too bad we could not stay overnight to see the stars. We will one time during the fall just imagine those leaves...
My new minnetonkas! We snagged 'em in Phonecia for about $30. AMAZING!
Anyway I will see you all tomorrow... after school. JOY

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