Sunday, September 26, 2010

More polka dots...

See more polka dots(as I told you from my last post)And I actually think might be wearing more tomorrow:D. I did quite like the outfit it though especially the polka dot shirt(courtosy of my moms closet) and inspired by One of my favorite blogs, from "down under" filled with polka dots and bows galore.. In other news I have infinitly defeated flikr! HAHAHAHA! I figured out how to use photobucket.. Satisfaction:D

Anway everyone finally caught up on posts wore something else, too didn't like it didn't take pictures. Exhausted time to reread 50 or so pages then goo to sleeppp... mmmmm
/Shirt: great question/Shoes: minnetonka/ Jeans: Delia's/Tee: fab find at F21/ Bow: RIbbon
Goognight everyone!

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wardrobes said...

I love polka dots! I remember when Princess Di wore so many polka dots. I've always loved them since then.