Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I didn't even realize I was wearing them again.

More polka dots really? I didn't even realize until I left the house this morning. In other news.. DO YOU SEE THOSE STOCKINGS?! THEY HAVE BOWS ON THEM! BOWS! Okay I have now expressed my enthusiams.. satisfaction. I guess I am a little over-excited about these babys because they have been sitting in my clost for quite a few weeks. Another rainy day today, but HA! I have perfected the art of taking pictures in the rain:D. My plastic bad method has succeded...
Wearing these boots again. Didn't wear them all day though it would have been to hot, soo I wore my chucks. I like these boots alot better though. They seem to match everything! I'm officially addicted to them it seems...
I really love how this photo is crooked. Its kind of quirky and weird... but I guess thats why I like it. Normally I would delete it. But something made me not..

Anyway there is my outfit post for the day! Time to finsh studying, science test tomorrow (joy oh joy) see ya tomorrow!

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