Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hi School i Sucks To See You Too

As first days of school go, it was not that bad at all. Kind of hot but tons of friends in my classes, fun table.No terrible teachers, some extremly odd ones, but not bad.For example one of my teachers has...(this is all one person for the record!)

  • A glass head in his room that he lets his homeroom give a different name to every year(My friend is in his homeroom, I told her to suggest Giles:D)
  • He wears red socks, only when he is teacher
  • If he see's pencils in his class, he used to throw them out the window
  • Now he breaks them in half because his classroom is near the parking lot.
  • He used to look like a barbarian
  • He calls people whos names he doesn't know, Ikabod...Kind of like my Grandpa but he calls everyone George, even if he knows you name, for example of all of my cousins, I am George 6.

Anyway that is enough for teacher talk today. Now getting on to my outfit. I have been waiting to pull this baby out of my closet for the past month and a ahlf or so. I think it is quite fantastic! And quirky! and And cool! I think it is just very me. And GASP it makes me look like I have an amazing figure! And it also features my ever favorite polka dotted sweater, and my new mocs, hope you like it!

A little preview...
AND BAM! I quite love it! I 'm not sure what you all thin but I felt amazing! Except for it being soo hot..

I did not end up wearing my sweater for a majority of the morning, being that it was too hot outside. And AC in my school is scarce, no non-existent.
Anyways, you may not beable to tell but I really am not in to the whole "back to school shopping" thing. I get a few new pieces to replace the stuff I threw out, and shoes for when my feet grow too small or the shoees start to smell(aka. my old mocs). I just happend across this little number when I was out with a friend taking her shopping for camp stuff(before summer)And she really wanted this hoodie, and I browsed and fell in love with this dress! NO, this sotre(american apparel). I did not end up buying it though. But around early August me and my mom took a trip to the mall because she needed... I can't remember what, and she asked me if I wanted to go anywhere. And therefore, came this dress. It almost fits perfectly except for the shoulders, I had to gte a larger size because the small was too tight and short. It was a little pricey though because it was made in America, but so worth it! Anyway I am going to go make guacamole for dinner(mmmmm!) Have a great night and I'll see you tomorrow!
Dress- American Apparel
Shoes- Phonecia(upstate NY)
Tank- Old Navy
Cardigan- F21

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