Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another post today...

Another post for today, I think I have one or two more? I'm not really sure I guess we will see. Thank you for the feedback i appreciate it!

I feel as if I'm almost stuck in a style rut latley, I mean I like it personally but I feel as if there is a massive abscence in color the past few weeks. I mean I never go on color overload, but still it all feels a bit dark to me. But I like it a lot, soo I'm not quite sure if I should bring more color into my wardrobe... Maybe its just the weather? I don't quite know.. I alos feel as if I have been on polka dot overload latley. My wardrobe remix included a polka dot dress, my last post and two polka dotted pieces, I am at the moment wearing polka dots.. I guess I'm just not sure, noo matter how much I do love polka dots :D.

Hmm this picture looked better on a smaller screen... Anyway looking for a better backround for the blog can't figure out how to make it a picture, maybe I'll ask my dad..(he is a computer guy so, he should be able to figure it out...)But I really don't like making my friends and family involved with my blog. I mean, they see me everyday for starters they don't really need to see my outfits anyway...

/Dress(worn as a shirt:American Apparel/ Skirt:H&M/SHoes: Minnetonka/Cardigan:f21/

Have a great few hours or minutes( I don't know when I will feel like posting next...)

pss*** If any of you know how to do different pages please inform me I am trying to attempt it then failing miserably.

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