Monday, September 20, 2010

Wardrobe Remix #1

Wardrobe Remix #1. Will this feature be consistant? Probably not. But for now it is taking away about 2 or three days worth of posts so I figure it would be pretty good. Anyway Hope you like it give me some feedback! ***and please tell me if you like this size photo better or my last posts I'm not really sure...
Remix Piece:Pacsun
I loved my photoshoot thorughout that day. And I had attempt this same shot about 10 other times.. This was from temple services, so its a bit dressier(the heels) I love heels but maybe I won't go treking outside with them again. They almost sunk into the ground:D
/Dress:Pacsun/Shoes:Payless/Tights:AX outlet store/ Cardigan:Old Navy/SKirt:H&M/ Tank top:Old Navy/Bag:vintage/

I quite LOVE this shot too, I had a few more I liked, but I am trying to keep in mind a flikr limit for the month... I loved the very feminine feel of the bag to, i thought it was very pretty(courtsey of my moms clost!)

I am honestly suprised I had enough energy to get up change out of my dressier cloths, and even take the pictures I ended up taking. Being that it was the jewish holiday YOm Kippur I fasted from food and water fro 24 hours. I felt so sick by the end I was shaking. (this was me towards the end I was shaking) Headache...extreme hunger. Happy only thats once a year...Looking back on it though, this is really my only good photo from that outfit.. I did not really realize 'till I looked back on it. The out fit though, felt very me.. All the different printss. Not enough clot maybe but I really liked this one and the other...
Anyway goodnight'! another post tomorow(wow I'm actually getting consistant with my posts!)
/Dress:Pacsun/Socks:Hot Sox(woodstock)/ Tights: AX outlet/Mocs:Phonecia/Bow:DIY/Tank: Old Navy/ Shirt: hammy down/

***ps. I looked at the final post, definatly the bigger photos:D

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