Saturday, March 5, 2011

Feel the Wind Through Your Hair

A headband made by your truly.
I recently acquired this lovely dress as a gift, and it is already much adored! I had been looking for the perfect floral dress, and this one was given to me, how perfect! Though, it is a tad big, and my original intention of hemming it was stopped, when I figured out that the extra length could be tucked into the waistband. After wearing it that way, I think I might hem it a little bit, I hate how you loose the waist when you tuck in the extra length. This little blue belt was perfect for the job, but unfortunately it broke two days ago! How sad! It was my favorite belt too. Yet again, I've had it since I was a wee-lass, and I think it may have paid its dues by now.

The snow is still melting everyone! Slowly but surely! I'm so excited to leave off the tights for good! Even though I proclaim winter to be my favorite season, I really think I just like the change of seasons. I love how in this part of the world we get winter, spring, summer, and fall! It just is always so fun to watch, and so satisfying when it finally happens!

I think I'm going to go to the gas station this weekend to fill up the tires on my mom's old bike. Apparently they are so flat that is what is needed! That's another thing I'm extremely excited about for spring! Being able to ride bikes! So exciting!

Have a lovely few hours!


K_E_O_S_H_A/Amro said...

This is Officially my best shoot this month xD The second and the fourth photos are Breath-Taking OMG!
I really can't stop staring xD The colors are awesome,you should get a pair of floral tights you can work them Awesomely..
Happy Spring xD.

JB said...

The dress is so pretty! And I love your homemade headband--too cute!

Anna said...

Thank you!