Wednesday, March 23, 2011

100% Nylon

I got my Nylon in the mail the other day. Apparently I've always been a big magazine person. My best friend told me that when we were younger, she would just look through a magazine once, but I would look over every detail, and re-read the magazine a ton of times! I am still like that though, when I get a magazine in the mail, it makes my day! One of my favorites to read though is Nylon. It is filled cover to cover with interesting fashion ideas and picks, book reccomendations, good music choices, and other obscure things. Also they have fantastic photography, lovely models, and new emerging talents. It's such a fresh take on what magazines are usually like. They're usually just focused on what the latest trend is, how and where you can get it. That new take is just so refreshing. It actually takes me quite some time to fully read it. I don't think I've ever said that before. There is just so much material!

Undoubtably one of the best things is their choices in their covergirls. On most magazine covers you see the usual singers, and popular actresses(though they are lovely), month after month on a certian array of magazines you see the same covergirls being recycled, it's just so nice to have a change of pace. Instead of just having popular actresses, they have truely talented people with interesting perspectives. I once read in an article in the magazine where they described their perfect Nylon girl, the person they described seemed very... origanal, she just seemed to have her own thing, or lane if you will. I just really click with that magazine it seems

*Though many of the same coverstars are recyled, I'm just generalizing, sometimes there is a new covergirl in other magazines

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