Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Best Dress-ed

I got this lovely little dress as a gift a while back from my best-friend. It's a great little floral dress, but it's a tad long, I think I have to hem it. Normally to take off some length I just put some extra fabric in the waistband, but I don't like how you loose the natural shape of the dress, so maybe I'll just use a simple basting stitch to bring up the hem a bit. Then it should fit just right! My Mom will probably advise me not to do so, but I think I'll just go for it! I don't think that anything will go wrong (Knock on wood). Soon you'll see a lovely little project of mine to exhibit why I won't mess up the dress :) You'll see what it is soon!

Boots-Mom's(Vintage)/Tights-Hand Me Downs/Dress & Jacket-Forever 21/Cardigan-Old Navy



Such an adorable dress, I'm loving it with the bright coloured cardy & purple tights -SO cute. xx veronika

Anna said...

Thank you so much!