Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stayin' Alive

These photos were taken on a Monday***

These were taken on such a windy morning! My hair was blowing everywhere, and it was freezing! All the snow is gone though, due to such a rainy week, I think it rained about 3 times this week! And one day it poured. So odd, something non-frozen falling from the sky in large quantities. I'm pretty sure you all heard by now what is happening in Japan. I feel so selfish blogging when there was an 8.9 earthquake with a 30 foot tsunami, and here I am blogging. I guess all I can really do is hope and pray for all of those who have been effected in the tsunami and hope that all of the visitors in Japan come home safely. The only way that people can directly help is to donate money to some of the organizations mentioned Here. Though Japan was effected the most sharply, there were also large earthquakes and tsunamis in places like Hawaii,  and there were more minor ones along the coast of South America, Alaska, and California. But for now, I guess you can just do your part in the disaster relief. I hope that if you have any loved ones in all of these places they are safe, and alive.

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