Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter Wishlist.

Well here is my wishlist!
Most of this list is out of order, except for this hat. I saw this one and a similar one on the site a while back, and I've loved them ever since. I like the other one more actually but they don't have to same color anymore, maybe they have it at the store... I hope.
Had this CD, it broke.

I love animal mugs.

Been looking for the perfect flannel for ages, I love all the red ones!

An awsome pair of cowboy boots, real ones (not just like my beige ones!). My old pair got too small...

A cozy scarf. I especially love this one, and the HUGE XL fuzzy scarf on their site. I'm a sucker for fuzzy things!
Well I hope you liked my winter wishlist this year! Been meaning to do it for a while, but been procrastinating (shocker) just kind of did it on a whim today, I had a whole thing planned out but then... Anyway goodnight now!

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