Friday, December 31, 2010


Boots& Tights-Payless/Skirt-Macy's/Top-Courtesy of my Mom's closet/

I was going to do a huge review tonight, of every month of 2010 (whoops just gave away tomorrow's post!) but it just didn't work out that way. Originally, I did not no exactly how to go about do an "end of the year post". Then I decided, I was just going to speak, nothing else. 2010, was a good year. Though I have not had my share of horrible years, I can certainly judge that. For starters, I'm so happy I began this blog, I can't even tell you. I've changed as a person so much, and really I've become more of an individual than I ever have been. And thank you so much for that. Thank you to all of my followers (yes all 14 of you). At first I was kind of disappointed that I didn't get a large amount of followers, then I realized that I do this blog for myself, though followers make it more fun. How did it all start may you wonder? Well...

Just about one year ago...
I was sitting in my basement, waiting to go out to dinner in celebration of the new year (2010 in this case). My dad then came downstairs with the phone in his hand telling me "Your Aunt Beth is calling to wish you a happy new year." I went to go get the phone. We went through our usual hello's, then she started to tell me about a 13year old fashion blogger from Chicago. I listened to everything she said, not to mention the web address of this website and started off to log onto the computer to visit. I typed it in only to meet a girl named Tavi who had a fashion blog named Style Rookie on and began to scroll. I immediately saved this to my favorites list to explore later at my leisure. I still happen to follow this blog which is among the first I started following (The first is Delightfully-Tacky which is still one of my favorites!). Since then I have spent at least half of my computer time exploring the blog-o-sphere. After a few months of this I had been thinking about starting a blog, I had a list of thought out names. I had been badgering my mom's permission for a while, and it was the night before an early declared snow-day. And finally she said yes. And there is What A Wonderful Weardrobe (The spelling mindless spelling mistake is due to my obsession with Weardrobe at the time!) . I hope you enjoyed my story! Now I have to go, I actually have something to do woah.

Happy New Year! See you in 2011! :D

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Anushka said...

Gorgeous skirt! And your dog is adorable! :)