Monday, December 27, 2010

A Painting In Pastels.

Some bloggers, (probably most) I have noticed almost never have any reference to their title. Maybe it's because I have some sort of thing for great or clever names and titles. For example when I really got into the blog-o-sphere the first site I really got into was Weardrobe (which truthfully is the reason I spelled wardrobe wrong in blogs title, because I visited Weardrobe that much.) I can't remember originally when I found it, but it was my favorite website. Then I started exploring their blog-roll picking and choosing which blogs I would visit purely on how cool their names were. I still do that when exploring any blog-roll. I have found some amazing blogs surfing the web this way, such as Delightfully Tacky (which if I am correct it is the first real blog I ever visited,and still my favorite!) , The Clothes Horse, and Bow Ties are Cool which are a few of my favorite blogs, with great names! Though I have a few other favorites their names are not quite as catchy. When thinking of a name for this blog, I wanted to think of something that I would visit if I was exploring someone else's blog-roll (Though I don't think I am on any one's blog-roll except for one or two). I had a few other ideas for titles, but I felt as if I would grow out of them if I intended to have this blog for a long time. And here I am about 10 months later.

I guess my (hopefully) catchy title has not panned out correctly, I only have 14 followers. But I am just fine with that for now, and I'll see you next post!
Tehehe I was just talking about lack of references to titles, I didn't even mention my own
Reasoning: I feel strange wearing pastels

Hat- Aeropostale

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